Thursday, February 3, 2011

7-Weeks Post Surgery, Still Going STRONG! :-)

Today is 7-Weeks Post Knee Surgery!! I got my workout in last night, though Tab was unable to join me :-(  I followed up an hour of weights with 30 minutes of cardio on the elliptical than dashed home to clean up, grab food and head off to the bowling alley. The knee/quad feel great! I had yoga this morning, and did pretty good through that, as well.  :-)

This morning I received the initial schedule from The Eat Clean Diet for the Arnold Sports Festival.  Yaaaayyyy!!!! I am excited beyond words about this opportunity! Tonight will be The Budget Summit (lol!) and Bill and I will be figuring out what goes where. Shiloh has her New York trip the week after I return from Columbus, and we want to make sure that nothing gets spread too thin, and all the important things are handled.

On another note... it appears that my metabolism is kickin' into a higher gear. With the downtime/rest prior to surgery, then the recovery, I had adjusted my caloric intake to match the lower activity. As I've increased my activity in the last three weeks, I've boosted my intake as well. Today... I'm starving! I ate breakfast and had to eat my snack an hour later! I'm eating lunch and considering how long I have to wait until my next snack... LOL! Looks like it's time for another calorie intake boost! :-)

Here's today's food...
Chelle's clean eating cooler contents, February 3, 2011

Breakfast -
  (not pictured) 1 cup greek yogurt (2% chobani) with 1/2 blue & blackberries, 2 tbsp ground flax.
Snack 1 -
  apple & 2 hard boiled eggs, with a mini cucumber.   
-   4 oz Chicken Breast, 1/2 cup brown rice, and  steamed asparagus & grapefruit.
Snack 2 -
steamed Stuffed Red Pepper
 coming soon

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