Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday update

30 min. Cardio intervals - check. Abs - check. Stretching - check. Total calorie burn this morning: 375. Breakfast - check. :-)  So far so good. I've got a ton of stuff to accomplish today, so I'm glad that my cardio is done. I hope to get leg-day in later on. I've got mega work, plus an abundance of errands. Please, oh please, let me get it all done!

So, my crazy hunger lasted yesterday through dinner (leftover Panko chicken & steamed asparagus) and then suddenly it went away and I felt over-stuffed. ??? LOL! Then this morning, I'm on the elliptical, mid interval, and my stomach starts growling! Oh, not this again! Hahaha! So today I'm upping my calories, my goal is to increase by 150-200 and see how I feel.

Happy Friday!

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