Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Here's what 1300 calories looks like...

Last night's Total Body Conditioning class was tough! Afterward, Tab and I hit the ellipticals for some cardio. My total burn was 637 calories. Which sounds fantastic until you realize that up until then I'd only taken in 1150 calories. Oops. Definitely boosting that intake. I got home and built myself a ginormous taco salad :-) 4 oz lean taco-seasoned ground beef on a (huge) bed of spinach & shredded cabbage, diced onion, 1/4 avocado, 2 tbsp greek yogurt & sriracha sauce. Topped the whole thing with a tablespoon of feta and man, that hit the spot! 

My nutrition for yesterday ended up being 1394 calories in with a ratio of 41% protein, 32% carb, and 27% fat. I also managed to get 36 g of fiber.

This morning I hit yoga (232 calories), and so far my food is all right on track. Before dinner, I will be at 1300 calories (ratios: 34% protein, 33% carb, 33% fat) with 31.6 g fiber. Here's my cooler today (see note below about the bowl of yogurt).

Chelle's clean eating cooler for Tuesday, Feb 8, 2011. 1300 calories
Contents:   (there's a small bowl of greek yogurt w/blueberries there beside snack 2, that's a "just in case" snack - it's not included in my fitday calculations. I'll add it if I need it.)
Breakfast -  Chicken Wrap (tortilla, spicy mustard, 4 oz chicken, baby spinach & shredded cabbage & a bit of onion, 1 tbsp feta & 2 tbs ground flax) and a grapefruit. 
Snack 1apple & 2 hard boiled eggs.   
Lunch -   4 oz lean ground beef, 1/2 cup brown rice, and shredded cabbage & spinach, 1/4 diced avocado and 2 tbsp greek yogurt w/sriracha sauce. Snack 2Steamed Stuffed Red Pepper  Dinner  - coming soon

Oh... and if you need a good rib tickler today, check out Jen Lancaster's post on the Second American Revolution...  http://www.jennsylvania.com/jennsylvania/2011/02/the-second-american-revolution-.html  (I love you, Jen Lancaster!! In a totally non-creepy, not-a-stalker type way, of course).

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