Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Magic of Music

I can't believe how the time is flying by! I leave for Columbus next Thursday morning! I'm doing well with my red-carpet prep routine. I'm keeping up and feeling strong.

I have a new playlist, to keep me from getting bored with all this cardio. Lol! I've tried it out a few times now, both with intervals and with steady-state, and can I just say... IT ROCKS! :-) Seriously! Music makes all the difference! One of the things I struggle with is steady-state. It's boring. I hate it. I much prefer the intervals! But... a big part of my lean-out process is made up of steady-state cardio - keeping my heart-rate between 135-145. Now, for me, that's waaaay low. My natural steady rate is about 150-160 (when doing cardio) with peaks up to 180+ (though I try hard to not go over that as it's a sure-fire way to bring on an asthma attack). To keep my HR between 135 and 145, I have to work at it... focus on my breathing, stay hydrated, and keep my movements fluid. Tabitha hears much bitching regarding how much I detest steady-state cardio.  She will be glad to learn that I have discovered music is the perfect tool for steady-state-success. :-)

Now ya'll know I'm the queen of the playlist. I have playlists for EVERYTHING. From workouts to sunday prep (ha! yep!) to parties to truly anything, I have a specific playlist just for it. But... a solid playlist for steady-state cardio has eluded me. I can't find music slow enough without putting me to sleep... and then I had my epiphany...

If you've ever really analyzed a song, you realize there are two separate beats. One is the fast paced bounce, the other is slower - I call it a primal rhythm (though I've no idea what the actual term for it is). Don't believe me? Try it out. Get on an elliptical, turn on your tunes and close your eyes. It may take a moment, but you'll hear it. It's like slow-dancing to a fast song. The reason I love my new cardio playlist (Thanks to AngieRoseD from the Kitchen Table who gifted me with some new tunes! YOU ROCK!) is that I can easily do either steady-state or intervals to the same songs.

For example -intervals - When the beat picks up, you pick up, when it slows, you slow. This is just basic intervals (I'm not talking about HIIT, just intervals), and it's an easy way to bump up your heart rate and increase your caloric burn.  These songs all have a fun beat that are easy to keep up with. 

Now, if you're talking steady state... here's where it gets tricky for me. I have to really focus - keep my breathing even and deep, keep sipping water (yeah, it makes a difference). I'll close my eyes and dial in on the music, feeling for that under-beat... the primal. Once I hear it, that's what I move to... gliding to the rhythm. Yes, it's a glide. Smooth movement, like dancing... hips and shoulders push up and out with each step, arms are loose on the handles, you're standing upright (no leaning forward) as if growing taller from the waist up (you'll feel your core tighten)... and just flow. Once you catch it, it's addicting. Very. I actually found myself enjoying my steady-state cardio this morning! Gasp! :-)
   Arnold Prep- Cardio playlist
Give it a try!

Note! I do not recommend the closing of the eyes portion on the treadmill! Yeah, I've gone there. Don't ask. LOL!

My cardio playlist is pictured. Click on it to be taken to my iTunes ping page (it'll open iTunes on your computer) where you can see my playlists, and purchase songs directly from iTunes.

Want to see my current weight lifting playlist? Click here.

So... wanna know how I started my workday?
The paper jam / fuser from hell
That, my friends, is the fuser from hell!  The sucker overheated late yesterday and had my print job so tangled and toasted I had to leave it out overnight to cool off! This morning I had to get out my special tweezer-tool and tweak it until I could finesse the paper out. Arghhhh!

But... I won.  He he he he :-)

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  1. Thanks for reminding me about the music! I too have playlists for everything but hadn't done a workout list for quite a while. Of course I went overboard and now have one that's almost two hours long...better do some editing :)