Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Music as Motivation

My bff, Tab, started a discussion yesterday on a forum about music being motivation, and we started listing songs that move us - emotionally and/or physically. Now ya'll know I'm a bit crazy with the playlists, so this was right up my alley :-) Anyway, the discussion got me thinking about my music, and several songs popped into my head right away, with lyrics and beats that help me through my workouts and keep me motivated. I love songs that both move me and MOVE me.

One of my favorite lifting songs I'm listening to is Fix Me by 10 Years. View the lyrics here.  The chorus is "I'm fine in the fire; I feed on the friction; I'm right where I should be; Don't try and fix me." With pressure from family & friends to "just live a little" (meaning eat junk, stay out of the gym), that song is affirming. I am fine in the fire. I like the fire. I'm a better me because of the fire.

What about you? Do you build your workout/cardio playlists with songs that motivate as well as push you? Do you focus on beat alone, or do the lyrics help decide what makes it onto your list?

You can view my playlists here, and download them here (must have iTunes - this will launch a browser window then open your iTunes - or Ping me on iTunes - Chelle Stafford).


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