Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Today's clean eats... 1200 calorie cooler

I had the best Chelle's clean breakfast wrapbreakfast wrap today! LOL! I picked up some new tortillas this weekend, for the family's breakfast burritos and decided to try one this morning. I just wasn't in the mood for oatmeal or any of my other usual meals. While not strictly clean, the tortillas are fabulous... full wrap size, 71 calories, 5 g carbs, 12g fiber (what??! really!), and 8 g protein. [Ole Mexican Foods, High Fiber, Low Carb Tortillas] They're soft, and didn't tear. Plus it tasted good :-) Inside it, I spread some spicy mustard, baby spinach, shredded cabbage, onion, 4 ounces of sliced chicken breast, and a tablespoon of feta. Serious yummage! All for just 227 calories! Added a grapefruit and had a moment of breakfast-zen. Lol! :-)

Today's cooler is packed full of healthy clean eats (this is 1200 calories, btw, dinner will bring me up to 1400)...
Chelle's clean eating cooler February 2, 2011
Breakfast -
  Chicken Wrap (tortilla, spicy mustard, 4 oz chicken, baby spinach & shredded cabbage & a bit of onion, 1 tbsp feta).
Snack 1
 - apple & 2 hard boiled eggs, with a mini cucumber.   
- Leftover Panko/Lemon/Dijon Chicken steamed green beans and a half cup of brown rice.
Snack 2 - 1 cup 2% Greek Yogurt (Chobani) with 1/2 cup blueberries & blackberries, 2 tbsp ground flax.
Dinner (post-workout)
 - Chicken wrap (like the one for breakfast - heading to the bowling alley after my workout, food's gotta be portable).

Tonight after work is gym-time. Today is Chest, Shoulders & Triceps (they're quivering in fear already, mwaha-ha-ha-ha!) plus cardio, and I'll be joined by the very best gym-buddy, Tab. :-)
After that, I'm heading (after I clean up, lol) to the bowling alley. It's league night, so I'll meet the guys there and cheer them on. I'll pack another wrap to take with me, so I'll have my post-workout fuel taken care of. Then tomorrow morning is yoga (yippee!). 

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  1. oh man that wrap sounds good and why not for breakfast! thanks for helping me think outside of the box!