Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Today's Clean Eats

Today's Cooler! Here it is :-)
Chelle's clean eating cooler for Feb 1, 2011
Breakfast (had at home) - 1/2 banana & breakfast bowl w/ egg, lean beef, tomatoes, brown rice & potato.
Snack 1: 2 hard boiled eggs & a pear-apple
Lunch: Stuffed Pepper & Green Beans with grapefruit
Snack 2: 1 cup 2% Greek Yogurt (plain) with 2 tbsp ground flax, 1/2 cup berries & cinnamon.
Dinner (not pictured): Easy Pizzas (see recipe here)

Here's my lunch... This is a stuffed pepper (lean beef, brown rice, mushrooms, tomatoes & Mrs Dash) with steamed green beans and a grapefruit. Recipes are here.
Lunch! Beef/Brown Rice Stuffed Red Pepper & steamed green beans, with a grapefruit

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