Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekend Recap & Today's Food

Weekend recap... Super Bowl party! I wasn't much into the game but the commercials are always fun. Did you go online to watch the full GoDaddy one? Hysterical!!!! And my favorites were the Pepsi "Love Hurts", the Audi A8 "Prison Break" and Volkswagen Passat: Young Vader. If you missed them, you can view all the commercials here:

I was in charge of desserts for the party, and made Elana's Brownies ( - awesome! the recipe is here), and 2 batches of milk chocolate covered strawberries and one batch of dark chocolate. I'm not going to discuss how many dark chocolate strawberries I ate. Oy. Main meal was an incredible filet sliced for sandwiches.. I made lettuce wraps with mine and it was incredible! I won't mention how much of that I ate either. Lol. Then our host's mom was there and had made this sausage-cheese-bread thing... We'll just say yesterday was a cheat day and leave it at that. And no, I did not weigh this morning. :-)

It was a busy weekend, rushing here and there. I did my grocery shopping on Saturday, along with some food prep, but I'll be picking up the slack on that this week.

I found my dresses for the dinners at The Arnold, and I got a screamin' deal! Shiloh went with me (my 17 year old daughter), and we snuck out of Macy's expecting to be arrested, the deals were that good! Now I just have to find shoes & accessories :-) Sounds like a Lucy & Ethel Mission to me! Woohoo! Tab and I will hit the mall this weekend.  Oh... and one of the dresses I bought fits Shiloh, too, so she'll be taking it with her to New York for one of the Broadway shows she's attending. Gotta love getting double usage out of a purchase! Plus, we found 2 more dresses for her, a sweater & top for me... and for everything we paid less than the original price of one of my dresses! Crazy deals!

Today I'm looking forward to class tonight after work. Tab's Total Body Conditioning Class is amazing :-) And she and I will be doing some cardio afterwards, so I can cross that of my list, too :-) I'll post my total calorie burn on the Cooler page tomorrow morning.

I'm excited. I feel good, the knee is fantastic! Enough so that I forgot myself this weekend and dashed up the stairs at home, two at a time without even thinking about it! Well, until I got about halfway and my quad screamed "We are not doing this!" Okay, so I'm not quite ready to dash up two at a time yet, but I'm getting there! My butt, which through the enforced "rest" then surgery & recovery had decided to fly south for the winter, is slowly coming back north... maybe even enough to justify new jeans before The Arnold :-) Here's hoping! Woohoo!

Today's food is light but all on track. I need to boost my calories, but dinner should take care of that. I also need more carb... twist my arm :-) Before dinner, I'm at 1150 calories, with the ratios being: 39% protein, 35% carb, and 26% fat. I want to end up at 35% protein, 40% carb. The fat is right where I want it, at 25-26%.
Chelle's clean eating cooler for February 7, 2011. 1150 calories, before dinner.
Breakfast -
  Chicken Wrap (tortilla, spicy mustard, 4 oz chicken, baby spinach & shredded cabbage & a bit of onion, 1 tbsp feta). 
Snack 1 - 
apple & 2 hard boiled eggs.  
Lunch -   4 oz Chicken Breast, 1/2 cup brown rice, and  steamed asparagus
Snack 2 - 
1 cup greek yogurt (2% chobani) with 1/2 blue & blackberries, 2 tbsp ground flax & grapefruit.  
 - coming soon

***NOTE: Cooler for Bill  - Chelle's breakfast burrito,  2 hard boiled eggs, pear-apple, string cheese, and a healthier granola bar (has 12g sugar, but it's all natural). 

Happy Monday!

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  1. Well done to you Chelle, hopefully this can inspire others.