Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Weekend So Far...

Wow! It's been crazy! I'm running in so many directions at once, I think I've got GPS confused!

I'm on track with my food, and my fitness. My outfits are all good to go for the Arnold, and I've begun my packing :-) I went ahead and did my grocery shopping today, to free up some time tomorrow. I'll prep the food, do my usual cooking and such, then focus on packing. I'm also prepping meals for the family for while I'm gone. They've begged for tacos and Enchilasagna :-) Since I know that one of the nights I'm gone they're heading out to a pizza joint, I'll just be glad that they want some clean dinners, too, lol.

So tomorrow... I'll begin with coffee (it's required in order for my eyes to open), then head over to do my cardio for the day. Once complete, I'll do my food prep, then dive into my Arnold prep :-) I'm so excited!

Oh, and somewhere in there, I'll get my laundry done, too :-)

I'm so EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Woooohooooo!!!!

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