Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Weights, Cardio, and Yoga... Why I do all three.

There's a very serious matter to discuss today. A dastardly villain has stolen January! I hear the cry everywhere I turn, "Where did January go?" Weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth ensue. Yes, my friends. January is gone. It is lost to us forever. Welcome to February.  :-D 

Last night's Total Body Conditioning class was awesome! Burned 372 calories. This morning I enjoyed the privilege of Yoga :-) Another 273 calories gone. And... And!!! I was able to do Child Pose! Woohoo! I can kneel with only minor discomfort, none if I'm careful! Yay! While I'm not where I was, I'm able to do and hold the majority of the poses (but it isn't always pretty, lol), and I'm feeling wonderful!

Unfortunately, last night my knee did swell after class, but Aleve and Ice have helped that. I'm getting stronger and I'm so grateful to a wonderful surgeon and physical therapy team!

There are 4 aspects, or prongs if you will, to my lifestyle... 1) clean eating 2) strength training/weights 3) cardio, and 4) yoga. Clean eating changed my life, the rest shaped my body (and continues to shape). If you follow my daily coolers, you can see what clean eating looks like, so I'm going to address the other 3 prongs. Why do I do all three (weights, cardio & yoga)? What do I get from them? Well, to bring it to a really basic level... I get strength, endurance and flexibility.

Weight training builds strength. It builds muscle which more efficiently burns fat (always a good thing) and gives the body definition (ie, a distinction between butt and thigh; shoulder and elbow; boob and belly).

Cardio training builds endurance. It increases cardiac and pulmonary health. I can go farther, last longer in daily living because of the endurance I build with regular cardio. Not to mention immunity benefits!

Yoga training builds flexibility. Where strength training "shortens" muscle tissue, flexibility training lengthens it, giving that nice lean & toned look. Further, by lengthening the muscle, you're less prone to injury (think flex not break). The combination of strength & flexibility training is unbeatable. Add in that cardio and it's a no-lose situation.

If you're looking to change the shape of your body, I encourage you to utilize all three methods. You'll be astonished at the benefits. I say it often... eating clean will take you to a healthy weight and keep you there; exercise will shape that healthy weight.

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. "He" can have January... too long... too cold... though I really can't complain this year as I had two glorious weeks in AZ!!!
    love this post re: the 4 prongs of your fitness... make so much sense... as always you continue to motivate me!