Thursday, March 31, 2011

Competition Prep Update & a Question about Splenda

Show update... I think we've got this set now. Because of the nature of the Musclemania event (perfect for my 19 year old daughter, but not for my 40 year old shy self), I will be aiming for the August OCB show. This is a more... refined... event. Less "diva", more business. I'm competing in Figure. Ariel will stay in the Musclemania show in September (Bikini division). While we're not necessarily competing in the same show, this is still a "together" journey. This places me at 21 weeks out (starting sunday), and Ariel at 23 weeks.

My diet prep has had me building muscle these last weeks (1800-1900 cal/day with 40% protein, 35% carb, 25% fat). As of Monday, I'll be dropping to 1600 cal/day. Is it bad that I find that a relief? LOL! 1800-1900 cal is a LOT of food for me!

Because I need so much protein, I've been researching ways to utilize my protein powder, especially for my snack 3 option... like puddings (mix protein & water - not so good), mug-muffins (protein powder, egg white, water - just meh, needs fudge, lol)... but the recipes I find on the bodybuilding sites that do look interesting, all have Splenda. Now, as a clean eater, Splenda is on the NO list. It's artificial. Sure it's zero cal and no glycemic impact, but it's not clean. It's simply not a part of my lifestyle. Sure, I could replace with a natural sweetener, but when I'm watching every bite, can I justify adding sugar/sweeteners to my pre-contest food? I know all these bodybuilders (and fitness icons) eat clean, they're very outspoken about it... so what's behind their use of Splenda? I had the opportunity to ask Jamie Eason (fitness girl extraordinaire!) about this.

Question for you, Jamie - Can you share your perspective on Splenda & products like it? I know you eat clean, and a lot of your recipes include Splenda... is it a matter of the end (no added sugar) justifying the means (artificial/chemical product)? Or is there another reason? Thanks for your insight, I really appreciate it! :-)

Hey Chelle! I get this question quite often. There is a difference between eating to be healthy and eating to be lean. Some competitors will choose to eat Splenda over the natural low cal sweeteners because of the carbs that the natural varieties add to their food. Yes, Splenda is a chemical and has been processed but there are not enough studies to show that it is harmful. It's really a personal choice because many feel that with the junk that they have finally eliminated from their diet, it is certainly the lesser of evils. Personally, I no longer compete, so I try and use more of the natural stuff, just out of personal preference but when out and about, I will typically opt for Splenda over other options offered. Hope that answers your question! :)

It does, thank you!! My 19 year old daughter and I are making our foray into the competition world this fall (bikini for her, figure for me), and I can see the benefit a product like Splenda has in a competition diet, but wondered if it was justifiable. I appreciate hearing your viewpoint on it. :-)

Sure thing, Chelle! I love that you and your daughter are both doing it!! That's the coolest!!! I really can't wait to see the results! I hope you'll keep me posted!

So... Jamie certainly gave me something to think about. I in no way have decided to use Splenda, or any other artificial anything, but I like knowing why others have chosen to incorporate it. It helps me form my big picture, and provides more insight when I'm making my own decisions. I thought you guys might be interested in her response, as well.

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  1. Thank you! I have been wondering this same thing! So many of the contest recipes I see include sweeteners and artificial flavorings. I'm not a competitor, but I like some of the recipes, just wish they didn't have so much extra 'stuff'.