Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Funny Thing Happened In Yoga Today...

A funny thing happened in yoga today... Yes, I pulled a Chelle. Total dorkage. :-) So we're in tree pose and I'm good there. No problem. then she tells us to take that bent leg and cross it over the standing thigh, above the knee. Ok. Then bring your hands to heart and begin to lower, like chair pose. Um. Ok. Then, once you're there, take your hands to the floor on either side of your standing foot (yes, you're still on one leg) and curl your toes (of the foot resting across your standing thigh) around your upper arm. Really?? Yeah, really. I actually got this one, and was quite excited until we switched to the other side and as I wrapped my foot around my arm, I got an ab-charlie. OMG! Let's just say I wasn't graceful as I came out of that pose, pushing on my ab trying to get it to relax. By the way, do you know how hard it is to quickly untwist the body you've just pretzelized? 

Oh, but that's not all...

Then as we're doing our final floor moves, we go into boat poseBoat Pose VariationAgain, no problem. I actually like this pose (though I don't always do it with my legs straight). Now, reach up and grab your toes and pull your legs apart (like in happy baby) - but stay balanced. Next, straighten the legs as you press them out to the sides. Hey, I'm game. I get hold of my toes, straighten my legs (ooooh stretch!) and let them open to the sides..... and roll backwards. It was like "Timberrrrrrrr". Down I went. Still holding the pose, though! Giggles throughout the class. I'm not done yet, damnit! I roll back up and re-balance, stretch out again, and... rock backwards... Grrr. Ariel informed me later she's calling this pose "Rock-a-bye Baby". Brat.

Ah Yoga.

Last night I attended my first "Muscle" class. As I rushed from the office after quickly changing into my gym clothes, I drove straight to the gym, parked, ran inside and into the classroom.... no Tabitha. ?? I'm a few minutes early, so maybe she's off doing something. Nope. No Tabitha. After awhile I ask someone if I'm in the right place for Muscle class... yes. Tab's teaching, right? No. Dagnabbit!!! I was at the wrong location! I went to the Shea Mountainside, while Tab was teaching the class at the Bell Rd. Mountainside! Argh!! But, I thought, what the hey, I'm here, I'll take the class. I will only say that I have been very spoiled having Tabitha as my teacher - she's good. Really, really good.

After, I grabbed a sweatshirt and headed to the bowling alley to cheer on the guys, and eat my dinner (chicken wrap). Home again, I ate my last snack (protein bar), to hit my calorie intake and it was time to crash. Wiped out.

Morning came too early today, up at 4:30 so I could have coffee with Bill before he left for Vegas. Then yoga and my subsequent dorkage at 6:30. After work tonight, I'm back in the gym for back/biceps & abs... maybe some cardio. We'll see. Dinner tonight is - drumroll please.... chicken! LOL! But I'm trying a new recipe, and hopefully it'll be yummy :-) I'll also be adding a starchy carb to my dinner (baked sweet potato) as I'm doing Legs at 6am tomorrow and need the carb-fuel. 

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  1. Chelle! I am so super proud of you for your adventures into yoga! I love yoga! I teach a couple times a week during my lunch hour. I love it!!!! Yoga in the middle of the day helps me refocus and recharge for the afternoon.