Sunday, March 27, 2011

It's Sunday!

Woohoo! :-)
Yesterday Tab and I were able to get together and have some girl-time. We had lunch at an AWESOME restaurant (Culinary Dropout) across from Scottsdale Fashion Square, and while the food was truly great, it was the dessert that tipped it over into absolute awesomeness... salted caramel custard. OMG! Each bite was a little bit of heaven! That, my friends, is what a treat is all about :-)  We even skipped our usual Godiva at the mall (you know it was something special when I pass on Godiva!).  As we were leaving, I was calculating how many times I can enjoy that particular treat before I knuckle down in my pre-contest food! LOL!
In the evening,  Bill, Ariel, her friend Sam and I all hit the gym. It was back, biceps and shoulders for them, cardio for me. I walked them through the routine, oversaw most of it (form, form, form!), then dashed off to hit the elliptical. I did 20 minutes of medium intensity intervals (love my current cardio playlist!), then the stairmaster was calling my name. I debated (for most of my 20 minutes on the elliptical, lol), and finally gave in. I haven't been on the stairmaster since well before my knee surgery in December. It was one of the first things I had to cut when my knee became so bad. Post-surgery, I was warned to stay off it for "awhile", preferably months. I've been really good about following doctor's orders (this time, lol), but I have really missed my stair-monster. My rear end has really missed my stair-monster!
So after my 20 minutes, I headed over. Stared at the machine, continuing my internal debate... am I ready? Is my knee/quad strong enough? Will this set me back? Finally I climbed up and turned it on. The first few minutes were a challenge, had to find my stride, one that balanced the weight so my knee wasn't hit with undue stress. At the five minute mark I felt fantastic! I allowed myself 5 more minutes then forced myself off. I'm prone to take a good thing and overdo it, lol. Today, my knee feels great! Success! I will be working the stairmaster back into my cardio rotation, in small increments. Yay!!  And yes, being the uber-dork that I am, I did indeed do a little happy dance on the machine - dangerous, I know, considering my lack of coordination, but so warranted! :-)
Today I'm hip deep in food prep. I knew I ate a lot of chicken, but with Ariel (and now Bethany) eating clean and on training-plan, we're going through a ton of chicken! And eggs, and protein powder! Lol! I love it!
I'm off to shop!
Happy Sunday!

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