Monday, March 14, 2011

Sunday Food Prep & Today's Food...

All my Sunday Food Prep is done, and Shiloh is nearly ready to board the plane to New York on Wednesday! It was a productive weekend, plus we had a great time hanging out with friends Saturday night (Shiloh won the dice game, lol!).

Family menu this week is:

Sunday: Chelle's meatloaf w/smashed potatoes & steamed green beans
Monday: Tacos (Taco salad for me)
Tuesday: Almond-crusted chicken bites (Clean Eating Quick & Easy book) with Sweet Potato Fries & Mocha Pudding (Quick & Easy book)
Wednesday: leftovers (bowling night)
Thursday: Beef Stew (Quick & Easy book) with Whole grain bread (none for me)
Friday: Shepherd's Pie (Best of Clean Eating book)
Saturday: Pecan Crusted chicken with steamed broccoli & mashed sweet potatoes

My off-the-cuff meatloaf & smashed potatoes were a hit last night, and we're trying several new recipes this week from the books I picked up at the Eat Clean Diet booth at the Arnold :-) Can't wait!

The boys' coolers (hubby Bill & his Dad): Chelle's breakfast burritos, string cheese, hard boiled eggs & apple, plus a Trader Joe Fiber (fruit & veggie) bar (clean! woohoo!).

Everything is prepped and/or cooked and ready to go and I'm back to routine this week, starting with Tab's Total Body Conditioning class tonight :-) Woohoo! Tomorrow is Yoga & Weights, Wednesday is cardio, Thursday is Yoga, Weights & Cardio, Friday is Weights & Cardio, and Saturday is Cardio. Sunday is Rest (and Sunday Food Prep).

Here's today's food (everything is pictured except dinner). Including dinner, I'm at 1598 calories, 37% protein, 32% carb, 31% fat.

I've updated the Recipe Page with my Meatloaf & Smashed Potatoes, and also the Chipotle Mashed Sweet Potatoes :-)  And as always, if you try them, please send me feedback :-) 

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