Friday, March 11, 2011

Today is a blur...

Today has been such a blur. I didn't even manage to get my food pics off my camera (did take them, though, lol!). My calories are right at 1500, and my food is all tight & clean. Hopefully sometime this weekend I can get some more in-depth posting done.

We've finished migrating all our websites over to the new host (love godaddy!), and after a few crisis', it's all settled and everyone is getting email, the sites are up and my blood pressure has returned to normal.

I'm heading out of the office shortly, and over to the gym where Tab is working with Bethany (my youngest). Beth is trying out for Cheer at school. Very exciting, and I'm thrilled Tab has the skills to help because I was never a cheerleader - I was into Volleyball, Softball, Basketball, Track... I had no problem throwing my body across the gym to save a ball, but a backflip was beyond my coordination-grade, LOL!

This weekend will find me shopping :-) We're finishing up all the prep for my daughter Shiloh to head to New York. She leaves next Wednesday! I can't believe it! My little girl is headed to the Big Apple! Wooohooo!! :-) She'll be seeing several Broadway shows, an off-Broadway show, attending workshops with directors & actors, and sight-seeing.  I'm so excited for her!!

In addition to planning for Shi, I'm spending some quality time tonight preparing my menus, workout plans and such for next week, then tomorrow night we're hanging out with friends, and Sunday is my food prep day. :-)

I love my life! :-) And I really love weekends!! He he he

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