Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Today's Cooler...

This day is just flying by! Last night I did my Chest/Triceps/Shoulders workout, and took Ariel along with me. She had already done a weights class, so I didn't want her to lift, but rather took the opportunity to show her how to read the workout spreadsheets, and go over form. This morning she's pretty sore, but excited because that means new muscle :-)  She'll be attending another of Tab's classes tonight, while I'm taking Shiloh to the airport (sniff, sniff - gonna miss my girl!). After, I'm headed to the bowling alley, so I'll be taking my dinner with me.

My computer is back up and running (yay!!!), so I've been scrambling to get everything done. I'm definitely feeling there's a lack in hours-in-the-day, lol.

Food today is solid. I'm right at 1600 calories again.
Chelle's clean eating cooler - 1600 calories
Breakfast -
   Oatmeal w/protein powder, ground flax, cinnamon plus half a grapefruit
Snack 1 - 
4 oz chicken breast with an apple & string cheese  
 -   4 oz chicken breast, 1/2 cup brown rice/quinoa blend, 1.5 cup steamed broccoli  
Snack 2 -
 1 cup 0% Chobani Greek Yogurt (plain) with 1/4 cup of granola   
 - (wrap not pictured) Chicken wrap (high fiber, low carb wrap) w/spinach & cabbage & feta; and a banana (airport and then bowling alley, dinner has to be portable).


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