Thursday, April 28, 2011

About My Husband...

Mad Scientist
My husband is a genius. My husband is also a mad scientist. He loves to tinker with mechanics and chemicals, he's always looking to create the "next" thing. Sometimes this is not a good thing in our household. I have had to put down my foot and disallow experimentation in the garage, for the safety of all (I have also unilaterally declared my Pyrex and mixing bowls, and measuring cups and measuring spoons OFF LIMITS, DAMMIT!).  Sometimes he really hits on something. Sometimes he comes home minus an eyebrow (once); or the hair on his arms (lost count how many times). I love this side of him, though it often worries me (blowing up the garage or warehouse is a very REAL risk).

For years he has asked for a chemistry set for Christmas. I haven't gotten it for him for three reasons...

1. Practicality - The "set" he wants is pretty much exclusive to Research laboratories, usually the ones with Nobel Grant money and/or government contracts.
2. Emotionally - I love my husband very much, and really don't want him injured.
3. Financially - Let's be honest... He's worth a lot more to me alive than blown up.

Pinky & The Brain
You might think I'm exaggerating about his mad-scientist/genius tendencies. I'm not. My father-in-law thought I was until they moved the company into the new warehouse space and Bill began doing his chemical experiments there. Now he gets it. And sometimes he worries too, though mostly they're a bunch of little boys playing with the science toys.

His genius isn't limited to chemicals (though he's invented several truly amazing products). He also plays around with surfacing (he's made astonishing strides in both safety and aesthetics and a strong name for himself in the safety-surfacing industry - FlexGround, FlexGrass and Xeritec are his companies), and his pet project for several years has been SplashGround. He's had a vision for it that he's doggedly pursued whenever he's had the time/money. While the in-ground units are awesome (view - two of those girls are mine, look how little they were!) and popular, he's wanted a portable unit. And now he has it. And... DIY Network is going to feature it!  Wooohooo!!! (I have a lot of web re-design to do! Yikes!)

Pretty darn cool! Go, Bill, Take Over The World!!! :-)
pinky and the brain - take over the world

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  1. That's SO exciting!! Can't wait to check that out :)