Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ahhhh Saturday!

It's Saturday. That means tech-theatre is done for my girls (final night of the H.S. show was last night followed by tear-down, and the traditional pancakes afterwards). They were home and tucked in bed by 2:30 a.m. They're still sleeping, lol. Saturday means I got to sleep in, which was awesome since I was up late last night answering the questions of an incredibly intuitive and insightful writer who needed my questionnaire sooner than we expected. Saturday also means.... It's Bill's Birthday!! Woohoo!!! 41, baby!

While Bill and I went to high school together (and two homecomings), we were never "together" back then, so it's only in the last 11 years that we've been a couple. I'm grateful for every moment, every day, every year I share his life. I'm looking forward to reaching the birthday when I can say I've shared more of his life than I've missed. :-)

It's also my baby sister's birthday - Happy Birthday, Sylly Sylvia!!! I love you!!

Today will be low-key... Coffee on the patio while I finished up the questionnaire then sent it off, followed by polishing up my grocery list for tomorrow's food prep. Now we're chilling (and yes, I'm still drinking coffee, lol) and later tonight we'll head over to Westworld for AZ Bike Week. I'm hoping to get a pic of Bill and I... I picked up a pretty black top for the evening, it's got one sleeve, lol, and I really like it. I'm gonna do some shoulder work today, too, so hopefully my arms will pop nicely :-) Ah, vanity.

One of my favorite aspects of Bike Week is searching the vendor booths for new bandannas. I'm a bandanna queen, lol. I have lots of different ones, and wear them to the gym (particularly for those early morning appearances where my short hair is going in a million different directions, often with bed-head on one side, and electrocution-style on the other. My yoga instructor actually doesn't recognize me without my bandanna, lol (or makeup for that matter).

We're not riding this year (bummer), but hopefully next year we will. We haven't ridden in awhile... a long while, actually. I miss it. The bike we have is a Honda VTX 1800, but it's not a comfortable fit (though it was a great buy a few years back). Bill really wants a Harley Soft-Tail, and the ones he's ridden were a perfect match to his riding style. We're hoping to sell the Honda this year, and get the Harley. There are so many expenses this year, though, that it may get pushed off another year. Hopefully not. In case you're wondering, I don't ride/drive. I'm bitch-seat all the way :-)  I have great memories from childhood, riding on the back of Dad's Harley, and later in college on the back of a friend's bike (for the record - crotch rockets are not my ride of choice, lol). I've never had a desire to steer the bike, but I absolutely love riding. Our best buddy has a gorgeous Yamaha that's tricked out and has the world's greatest seats, and he's taken me for a few rides. He always leans over his shoulder periodically to say, "You're catching bugs in your teeth" ROFL... I grin like a maniac when I'm riding. It's just so fun!

Bikes are big in my family. You might remember that my son, Joey rides, as do his friends - though they're all of the rocket variety. My parents ride more now than ever before, and Dad even built a chopper (Big Bear Chopper kit and customized). It's a sweet, sweet ride. We did the Love Ride in California with them, and our buddy Ron a couple years ago for my birthday - waaaay fun! My birth-Dad and step-mom ride, too. so does Bill's Dad and Uncle.  Shiloh wants a bike for graduation. We're just a bikin' family, lol.

Birthday dinner is on for tomorrow night, yay! The job in Vegas was pushed back so the guys don't leave until Tuesday, which means everyone is home for dinner. Enchilasagna & Banana Splits. Yum!

So that's my Saturday update :-)

Happy Weekend!!

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  1. well i must see a picture of this bandana bandit to which you refer!!!