Sunday, April 17, 2011

Being Sick Sucks

Yes, being sick sucks. You know what sucks worse? Being sick and on a competition diet, and heading toward a Natural Show. Know why? Because all the good medicines to help ease the pressure in my head are related to ones on the banned substances list! Oy! So I'm stuck with antihistamines and throat lozenges. But... even the throat lozenges must be carefully examined for sugar/carbs/calories! Blek.  I used to just head straight toward the lozenges that have honey in them, but my competition diet says no bueno on the extra sugars, thus extra carbs. Let me tell ya, it's a pain in the butt to be foggy headed and trying to read labels on this stuff. Thank the gods for a terrific pharmacist who knew how to read the banned list and direct me.

I started having a major allergy attack Thursday, by Friday I was really fighting it, but did my workouts and cardio. Then Saturday, Bill and I attended the Senior Parent's meeting then headed over to the gym for cardio. For me it was HIIT on the stair-master. When I was done, I was DONE. Headed home and landed face first on the bed and didn't move for a few hours. Then Bill drove me to Target, where we were lost trying to find meds I can take that won't throw my drug tests, and then we discovered the amazing pharmacist.

Today, I'm better. Did my grocery shopping and food prep. My body is fighting... my temperature keeps going up and down, but I'm definitely seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Good thing, because I have my Legs workout at 6:30 tomorrow morning. I'm really glad this hit me on my rest days, rather than during the week. I haven't lost any time, or workouts, or cardio, and I have managed to keep my food intake on track. I've had to force food down, lol, but I've gotten it in. Very thankful for my tasty protein powder :-) I've even got Bill hooked on my coffee/protein powder shake :-)

This week will follow the same routines as last week... Legs and Cardio on Monday, Tuesday is yoga in the morning and Back/Delts/Biceps in the evening, Wednesday is Chest/Triceps in the morning & Abs & Cardio in the evening, Thursday is yoga in the morning, and Legs in the evening, Friday is Delts/Back/Biceps/Triceps & Cardio, and Saturday is Cardio.

Food is all prepped and ready to go. I'll post tomorrow about what I prepped. I'm crashing. And sniffling. And rubbing Vicks all over my face... gonna smell menthol for weeks. Oy!

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