Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Free Foods on Competition Diet

Okay, so I was right and I was wrong about my free foods yesterday :-) I remembered reading my Master Food List, but the peppers and celery were on the non-starchy vegetable list, not the free list. Damn. The Free Food list is dismally slim. We're talking cucumbers. Ok, and mushrooms, but I'm not much into plain mushrooms (and if I steam 'em, the folks in my office will lynch me). So... cucumbers. I'm gonna be eatin' me a lot of cucumbers :-)

For anyone who's wondering :-) I'm following the Beverly International plan. Fit Figure, to be precise. It can be found in their publication, Beverly's Blueprint for Success. (here's the main site: http://www.beverlyinternational.com/)

The info below is from my current (Phase I) diet guidelines, which have me shooting for 50% protein, 30% carb, and 20% fat, with around 1400 cal/day. The only change we've made to the plan is to accommodate the post-workout nutrition needs by adding a high glycemic carb to the protein shake/meal that follows the exercise. This changes my ratios a bit, but nothing severe. 

Vinegar, lemon juice, lime juice, mustard, garlic, mushrooms, onions, scallions, lettuce, cucumber,
citrus peels, chili peppers, dry seasonings, salt, pepper, sugar-free gum and sugar-free Jell-O

Diet sodas, coffee, water, sparkling water, and tea

___________________from Beverly International, Blueprint For Success.

Since added salt and sugar-free Jell-O are not clean, and not part of my lifestyle... those are out. Not gonna chug vinegar, either, lol. Lettuce... some potential there, I don't have a problem with munching on lettuce leaves between meals, but I'll go with a green-leaf lettuce rather than iceberg or romaine (higher nutritional profile). Also nix the diet sodas... not clean.

There ya have it. Cucumbers.

OMG, it's time for lunch!!!!! I can eat!!!!  Bye!!!!

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