Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I am a Super-Hero

I am a Super-Hero. Yes, indeed. Would you like to know my Super-Hero Name? It's...

The Waffler.
The Waffler - Super Hero Costume
found this on the internet, how cool is that costume?

You see, I waffle. More than anyone I know, as a matter of fact. One day I'm feeling positive and excited about my progress. The very next (or later that same day) I am negative and discouraged. I waffle.  (and before you ask, yes, I've seen Mystery Men one too many times).

Take today for example. I woke tired, but upbeat. I did my cardio (the dreaded steady-state), had breakfast, blah blah, and when I was getting ready for work, got a look in the mirror at my backside. You know, the backside that last week I was so excited to see change in? Not so much today. Today all I saw was pancake-ass. Sunk my mood like the Titanic. Was in a funk all morning. Then this afternoon, I walk into the kitchen to heat up my lunch and realize that I'm wearing my daughter's pants (oops!). I thought I grabbed mine this morning, but nope... these are the skinny teenager's black slacks. Huh. Back up goes the mood. Then I get on the internet and find a video-post from a gal who is headed to her first Figure show in 12 weeks... she looks amazing! Freaking awesome! Down I plummet... I don't look like that, is there any hope for me? Will I make it? (does the fact that she's 6 weeks ahead of me enter my feverish mind? no- of course not!)

Up and down, back and forth. Sheesh! Stop the merry-go-round, I want off!  How crazy is this?
My nutrition is completely dialed in. Even my decadent weekend cheat-day-treat turned out to be nearly non-impact (remember my amazing chocolate?).  Despite my obsessive tendencies with fitday, I've checked my numbers and I'm exactly where I need to be. My workouts are progressing, my cardio is all getting done. I'm doing everything I'm supposed to be doing. So why do I waffle? Because I'm human? Female? Totally irrational and compulsively anal-retentive? Hmmm. That couldn't be it. :-) 

So... in an effort to lighten up and relax, I have dubbed myself The Waffler.

"Would you like some vanilla-infused pure-maple syrup with those waffles?"


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