Friday, April 1, 2011

Leg Day

Today was leg day. Leg day began at 6am. Six a.m. arrives shortly after I reach my "not enough coffee in bloodstream" point. :-)

Ariel and I hit the gym with Tab, and worked our way through a fresh routine. Ariel's form is improved greatly, and I'm not ashamed to admit to a little bit of joy when I see the effort/pain on her face during the last 2-3 reps of a particularly grueling exercise. :-) It's a mother's privilege.  She's also joined the gym-rat world by beginning to name exercises herself... the hip adductor and abductor machine exercises are now duly dubbed "The Sluts". ROFL!

My continued post-surgery journey saw more gains today... I upped my weight on the leg press, and I did seated leg curls! Yay! I'm now pressing 100 lbs on the leg press... I don't get discouraged by this, because I know how far I've had to come to get to that... it's going to take time to rebuild that leg to tolerate the weights I once pushed. I will get there. I will return to 100% and from there I will continue to progress. I can always get better, can always reach a new goal.

Here's the routine we did today:
Leg Press
Squats (for me holding 15 lb dumbbells, Ariel's were with no weight)
Alternate for 3 sets

Lunges (for Ariel, walking lunges, for me - forward and back, no walking)
Seated Leg Curl
Alternate for 3 sets (I also added high side knee tucks while I waited my turn on the machine)

Hip Adductor
Hip Abductor
Alternate for 3 sets


After, Ariel gathered her food for the day and went on to school... I ate my oatmeal/protein (yay!!! my Beverly came in! Good tasting protein powder, woohoo!), drank my coffee, made my menu plan and grocery list for next week, and planned out a few future workouts.

I have a collection of 3 years worth of Oxygen magazines, and I combed through those looking for exercises to freshen up my upper body routines, plus I spent some time looking at all the Figure contest coverage,examining winning physiques and reading writer's critiques & praises of the competitors' bodies. While I've always read the contest coverage in Oxygen, I'm looking at it with fresh eyes now since I'm headed toward the stage myself. Though my husband has lamented my pack-rat collection of magazines, I'm really glad I hung onto them :-)  I also have a collection of Muscle & Fitness Hers, Fitness RX, and a few others. Bill calls it a sickness. I call it having a ready supply of inspiration and resources. :-)

Since I still have them all (currently spread across my dining room table), I guess I win. Mwah-ha-ha-ha-ha!

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