Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday = Legs Day (1)

My knee is handling the workouts really well! Yay!!! 4 months post-surgery and I'm right on track :-)
Here's today's Leg workout:

Leg Press (85 lbs) 15 reps x 2
Squats 15 reps x 2

Hack Squat (sled only, no added weight) 15 reps x 2
Stiff-Legged Deadlifts (30 lb bar) 15 reps x 2

Straight Leg Raises (with resistance) 12 reps each leg x 2
Medicine Ball Crunches (10 lb ball) 30 reps x 2

Overhead Medicine Ball Crunch with Raise (Flat on back, knees bent, extend arms holding medicine ball above the head and touch the floor then crunch up, pushing the ball up toward the ceiling. As you lower, your arms go back over your head, touch the ball to the floor and repeat. Arms remain straight). 30 reps x 2
Planks 2 x 60 seconds

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