Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My car is home!!!!

Yay!!! The auto-body shop called and my Santa Fe was ready! I flew to the gas station, filled up the rental, drove to the shop and turned in the keys. I did however, take pictures with my camera phone of the fuel gauge and mileage (just in case, lol). My car was waiting... shiny! No bunged up bumper, no red scrapes down the side. It's perty again! :-) I was so excited to get in and drive away that I accidentally put it in reverse. Sorry guys! :-) Gave 'em a quick scare, but I quickly fixed that and away I went! Woohoo, Romper II is home!

Now, I've told you guys before that I'm a total geek. Well, I'm about to prove it beyond the shadow of any doubt. See, my car has bluetooth. When I get in the car, it syncs then tells me that it's connected. My entire family make fun of me and roll their eyes when I answer, every time, "Thank you!". Why do I thank my car? I've seen too many movies (think Terminator, Transformers and I-Robot). When the day comes that technology takes over the world, I want it to remember that I was always kind and courteous... appreciative of the services done to me. So when the rest of mankind is wiped out, I get a free-pass. :-)

Yes, as I drove back to work, I thanked my car for connecting to my phone via bluetooth, and then I told it how much I missed it. :-)

Go ahead, mock me, but when the cars are terminating humankind, we'll see who's laughing then.  :-)

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