Friday, April 8, 2011

No Place to Hide... Before Photos (before Figure Competition) and Stats

On the forum, we have a thread going about music motivating us, and we post our fav songs... I've been doing a song of the day,  and today's is Korn - No Place To Hide.  You see, today was the day we took my Before contest photos and measurements, lol. Scary.

The day started with a weigh in and Tanita body fat measurement. I did the body fat so I could compare it to the skinfold measurements later. I met Tab at the gym at 3pm, and we headed into the locker room. I had gone shopping earlier for a bikini for the pics - all of mine are designed to cover me up, lol, so I needed one that wouldn't. Again, scary.

For the purposes of being transparent and honest, I'm telling you right now this is hard for me. I have body image issues, I'm shy. While I have no problem sharing my stats, the photos are another thing entirely. I've come such a long way in my journey, my body has changed so much, and I'm proud of what I've done, and what I'm continuing to do. But... the loose skin, the whole belly area is all I see most of the time. It's a battle I continue to fight, and one day I hope to be completely comfortable in my own skin. More than just for a moment. It's one of the reasons I'm doing this Figure competition. It's a big part of why I chose to do the Burlesque fitness class and show in August 2009.

Ok. I'm sucking it up, taking a big breath, and putting it all out there. Here are my stats.

Weight: 123
Tanita Body Fat: 24.8%  (this is from my Tanita scale)
Body fat % per skinfold tests (more accurate): 27.2%

Chest: 34.75
Thigh: 20.5
Hips: 35
Umbilicus (waist): 27.5
Arm: 11.75
Calf: 13.5

And now... [another big deep breath] here's my before contest photo:

Just kidding!!  :-)

Ok, here's the real deal...

So...  There you have it. Standing in that locker room (which was like an icebox, btw!), wearing that bikini while people came in and out, watching us take measurements and pics  (and generally wonder why the crazy lady was wearing a bikini in the gym locker room)... it was really hard. Hard to be that exposed. But I survived, I even put it out of my head for brief moments. I know I'll become more at ease. I know that because I'm going to keep pushing forward, I'm going to continue to grow.

I have 20 weeks to take my body fat percentage from 27 to 12, and my weight from 123 to around 110-115. Tab spent some time analyzing my body, and believes that my shoulders, arms and back look good and will lean out well. My posterior is a bit of a pancake, lol, so we're working on building that up. Stripping body fat will make the biggest difference, as I have good mature muscle (it's just a bit hidden, ha ha).

Monday begins the next phase. My calories remain at 1400, but my ratios change pretty dramatically. I'll be at 50% of my caloric intake from protein, 30% from carbs, 20% from fat. My diet will stay here until I'm 6 weeks out from competition. We'll decide at that point if I need to do the hardcore diet from there, or if I can wait two more weeks. Additionally, my workout routine will also morph. Currently I do weights 3x/week, 1 total body conditioning class, 2 yoga, and 3 cardio.  I'm moving to 5 days of weights, 4 cardio, and 2 yoga. I'll maintain that for 2 weeks, and then we'll adjust the number of sets I do each day. 2 more weeks and we'll adjust again.

For the time being, Ariel remains right where she's at... weights 3x/week, yoga 2, total body conditioning class 1x/week, and no cardio. Her diet also remains the same (around 1700 calories, 40% fat, 35% carb, 25% fat).

So... that's the plan! Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go pretend I did not just post those photos.


  1. Chelle,
    What an accomplishment!! Congrats on taking the steps forward & posting these amazing pics!! You look fabulous and your hard work is truly paying off! I enjoyed reading, and got a few laughs, and some inspiration as well! Again, you look AWESOME!!


  2. Chelle, You are amazing, and beautiful! YOU WILL RULE THIS!!!!!!!!!! I WILL be watching this.. please keep us posted on facebook!

  3. You look great! You're gonna rock that stage in August!

  4. congratulations for tackling your fears Chelle. It is so inspiring to hear of you continuing to challange yourself and face down your fears! You're enthusiasm and excitement are contagious! what is your hight?
    (i hope my after pictures look half as good as your before pictures!)

  5. Awesome! You already look great!! Good luck!!!

  6. I forgot to put my height in there! LOL! I'm 5' 2". So I'll be in the short division of each of my 3 entries (novice, open, masters 35+).
    Thanks :-)

  7. I love that you have a HUGE smile and are clearly having fun! Keep up that spirit throughout the competition and you will rock the judges!