Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Plan... Revised

Owwwwww!!! I'm sore! My glutes are screaming for mercy! LOL! Yesterday morning was Legs... after work I headed over to the gym for Tab's Total Body Conditioning Class (aka TORTURE). It was awesome! By the time I got home, my legs were wobbly. We had dinner (Taco salad - no chips for me), watched a bit of tv (OCC, baby!), I drank my last protein shake and crashed. Hard. Woke this morning and OWWWWW! My butt, my quads, my back... I think my abs are whimpering, too, but it's hard to hear them over the rest. Yoga was tough, but I got through it - even managed a new arm balance! Briefly, but I got up :-) 

Tab and I conferred over my schedule & food for this week, and she made a couple tweaks. First, she said I can have more food. You'd think I'd be super excited about that, but no... I'm ridiculously neurotic. I can't have more food, it'll throw off my ratios, plus I'm already doing an extra shake & banana. Yes you can, we've had this conversation - 1 cup of broccoli is 25 calories. Yes, but it's also 5 carbs. Really?  <sheepishly hunching my shoulders> Maybe.

Not that she's telling me specifically to eat more broccoli, what she was saying was it's ok to increase my veggies if I'm hungry and need "more". I bow to her expertise, and will increase my intake where and when I need it. Trust the process, trust my leader. 

Yes, I am nuts. Once I focus on something, I get tunnel vision. Not always a good thing. So today, I decided to relax and go with the spirit of the "more food" edict, packed my cooler and then (just to be sure I wasn't out of line) I ran fitday.com numbers. Wouldn't you know, I hit right where I need to be, and even with the extra shake before bed, I'm well within my calorie flux. Sheesh.

Tab also tweaked my workouts. I skip today's scheduled and trade it for cardio. Wednesday morning I skip my workout and do cardio instead (steady state), then in the evening I attend Tab's Muscle class (my muscles are quivering in fear). Thursday I have yoga (am), and Chest/Triceps in the evening. Friday I have legs. Saturday I do Delts/Back/Triceips/Biceps plus 20 minutes of cardio.  That's the plan.

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