Friday, April 1, 2011

Planning a birthday...

Tomorrow is a birthday in our family - two actually. Bill is turning 41. My baby sister is turning 31. Bill and Sylvia share a birthday, one of the fun quirks in our family. While I can't be there to celebrate with her, I hope she's doing something spectacularly fun. Sylvia is such a bright, shining woman... she's an incredible Mom, and I often envy her creativity in parenting. The 13th birthday party she just threw for her son (my awesome nephew) was a fabulous crazy-scientist themed affair. So cool! How does she manage to combine serious fun with education? Again, I envy her.

For Bill's birthday, we're heading over to Scottsdale's AZ Bike Week event. We'll spend some time exploring the vendor booths, then enjoy Buckcherry in the evening. We love attending bike week :-) We're meeting friends there, and have arranged a teenage slave, I mean one of our daughters, to provide our transportation, so we are free to enjoy ourselves without the worry of driving afterwards. Food will be a challenge for me, as it's typical "fair-food"... hot dogs, fries, burgers, etc. I don't want to waste a treat meal on a hot dog, but might enjoy the fries. Maybe. I'll have a protein bar in my purse (haha, no chicken this time) so I'll have a backup if I can't find anything relatively clean to enjoy.

I've been trying to schedule a family dinner to celebrate his birthday, but everyone's going in opposite directions. Tonight, Shiloh & Bethany have the final night of the school play (they're tech) and then tear down - they won't be home until around 2am. Saturday night, Bill and I are at Bike Week. Sunday night, Joey and Bill's dad are driving to Las Vegas to do a job (rubberized safety surfacing and turf installation), and they won't be back for a few days.

Bill say's it's no big deal, but dagnabbit, it's a birthday and we celebrate those! I've already prepped the Enchilasagna (see recipes), and planned out the banana splits he requested in lieu of cake (I can't tolerate ice cream anymore, so I'll have a soy alternative). Not sure yet when we will celebrate, but celebrate we will! 'Cuz I said so, darnit!

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