Monday, April 18, 2011

Sunday Food Prep Recap & Menus for the Week

What a weekend! Today I'm feeling much better, kinda feel like I should have put a Whine-Warning on that last post, lol!

Sunday Food Prep and the Counter of Chaos :-)  I prepped 6 lbs of ground beef, 14 lbs of chicken breast, 5 lbs of broccoli, 2 lbs of cauliflower, 4 lbs of zucchini, 2 lbs of asparagus, 4 cups of brown rice, 6 lbs of sweet potatoes, 1 lb of lemons (sliced for water), 18 eggs... additional produce that doesn't require any prep: 7 lbs gala apples, 3 containers of strawberries, 5 lbs of bananas, lettuce & salad bags, spinach... list goes on :-) 

I grilled all the chicken, except the 3 lbs I flattened and sliced for chicken "nuggets" (Eat Clean Diet Cookbook for Family & Kids) (and I prepped the "breading"). Then I made burgers with 2 lbs of the ground beef (mixed with 1 egg, 1 carton of crimini mushrooms finely chopped, and seasoning), browned 4 lbs and mixed with canned tomatoes & chilies for tacos, tostadas, etc. I made sweet potato fries for dinner with the burgers, and prepped another batch and stuck them in the fridge, ready to cook, for after-school snacks for the kids.  The chicken is all cut, weighed and portioned; the veggies are all in their steamer bags, the rice is portioned, the oatmeal is mixed with protein powder, ground flax & cinnamon and bagged, the granola (for everyone but me) is made and stored... and once it was all complete, and dinner & laundry done... I crashed. Hard. Didn't move until the alarm went off this morning, lol.

I felt pretty good, though still wobbly as I headed to the gym. My temperature that had stabilized last night, started doing the roller coaster again, and I finished my Leg workout in a cold sweat... but I finished it. I killed it. Damn skippy. Tonight, I have to skip my Total Body Conditioning class (again) because of a Cheer meeting (again!), so after that I'll head straight to the gym for my 30 minutes of steady state cardio. The sinus junk settled into my chest, but isn't too bad, so while I will take my inhaler with me, I don't anticipate my asthma being an issue.
Meals this week for family dinners are...

Sunday - Burgers & Sweet Potato Fries (mine was a lettuce wrap)
Monday - Taco Salad (mine sans-chips & cheese)
Tuesday - Mini Pizzas (sandwich thins) - I'm having grilled salmon & veggies
Wednesday - Leftovers. I'll have a chicken wrap (portable dinner, bowling night)
Thursday - Chicken "nuggets" with salad and steamed broccoli
Friday - Tostadas with baked corn tortillas (salad with beef for me)
Saturday - Leftovers

My food (and Ariel's too, for that matter) is pretty much the same as last week. It's all about simplicity right now. I'm using Sriracha (super hot sauce) on my rice & chicken at lunch to, ha ha, spice it up... you can't be bored with your food if your mouth is on fire, lol! Seriously, though, I'm using the capsaicin (what makes hot sauce hot) deliberately to boost my metabolism. I also use mustard and flavored olive oils to add flavor to my foods. Yes, I'm eating a lot of chicken, but with herbs & spice mixes, it's easy to keep it switched up... and there's always Sriracha. :-) 

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