Thursday, April 14, 2011

Taking a step toward fear.

My head is in a better place than it was yesterday morning. I feel more relaxed about the whole food/calories/ratios thing. It's funny how quickly I get sucked into obsessing over details. I'm focusing now on the stage. That's what I need to wrap my head around. I want to do it with confidence, and that is going to take a lot of prep.

I was chatting with Tab yesterday before class, and she's running the Biggest Loser competition our gyms are doing. It's a really neat deal, includes Personal Training, small group training, classes, all kinds of stuff. She's put together a cool packet for the contestants too, which I got a peek at. As we're talking, she begins to share this idea she has to bring in someone who has traveled the path, lost the weight, made the transformation, to chat with the contestants - offer encouragement, tips, inspiration. I thought it was a brilliant idea, and when I was going through my journey, I'd have loved to have had that, what a great... 


Yeah. Did you get there before I did? She meant me.  S#%@!!!!!  My chest tightened, I went cold, my throat closed up, spontaneous tears hit my eyes... all this over a small group setting. That's me, folks. That's how very scared I am to be in "the spotlight". So of course I agreed to do it. One step closer to the stage, right? Oy.

Baby steps, Chelle. Baby steps.

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  1. Like you told me, YOU CAN DO THIS! Just have fun with it :)