Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Things are so much easier, when I don't overthink them...

LOL! per my previous post, I gave up fitday this morning (until after the show), and promised myself I'd quit worrying about the details of the food (it's all planned out for me, I just have to eat it, just follow the plan). One of my struggles has been the wonkiness of my eating schedule, especially when my first meal is a shake, rather than my oatmeal... So it's 1pm, and time for my next meal... which on the list is a snack, but it's 1pm... that's kinda lunchtime, so I put back the snack (4 oz grilled ckn breast & 5 strawberries), and pulled out lunch (4 oz grilled ckn breast, 1/2 cup brown rice & 1 cup zucchini/yellow squash)... I'll eat the snack around 4, before my 5:30 workout. Then dinner around 7:30. My calories don't change. My ratios remain the same. My body is getting everything it needs, when it needs it.  And I'm not wigging out.

All I did was swap lunch and a snack to better suit my schedule.
See how easy that was?

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