Thursday, April 28, 2011

Today's Food and Workouts...

Let's start with the basics... exercise & food :-) I did Chest & Triceps yesterday after work... OY! My shoulders were still mega-sore from Monday's class, and since the incline and flat benches were full (with sweaty grunting he-men), I chose to use the Body Master's machines, the ones you add weight plates to. I tested them out (this is for my incline presses and flat presses), and realized the machine without weight was plenty heavy, and away I went... 10 inclines, 12 flat, 10 inclines, 12 flat... I did 4 rounds (sets) and was reaching deep to get them done. Had to keep stopping, but pushed through and completed. I know the angle is different than when I do them with dumbbells, and maybe that combined with the weight of the apparatus... I don't know, but it about did me in.

Here's the full workout:

Pec Deck: 3 x 12 (35lbs)

Alternating 4x with little to no rest between:
Incline Chest Press 10
Flat Chest Press 12

Alternating with little to no rest between:
Lying Tricep Extensions (skullcrushers) 30 lb barbell: 4 x 12
GI Janes (sit on end of bench - back to the end - someone sits on your feet and holds your legs while you - back straight - lean all the way back and come all the way back up. It's a killer version of the situp): 3 x 20

Alternating with little to no rest between:
Tricep Pressdowns (40 lbs): 4 x 12
Medicine Ball Twists (10 lb ball): 3 x 25

After my workout, I headed to the bowling alley where Bill bowled a 602 series! Woot! The girls had junk food while I enjoyed my clean wrap and a cup of coffee (which I didn't even think about it being caffeinated). Headed home, and tried to crash, but the caffeine at 7:30pm kept me up until after 1am. OY.  My 5am alarm came waaay too early today.

Yoga at 6:30, then on with my day.  Here's my food/cooler (click to view the cooler page with the fitday data - yeah, yeah, I know I said no fitday, but I just needed to check it to be sure I was on track - yes I know, this is a problem.).

Breakfast (post yoga) - 
 Oatmeal w/protein powder, ground flax, cinnamon.  
Snack 14 oz grilled chicken breast with 5 medium strawberries.  
Lunch 5 oz  grilled tilapia, 2 cups steamed asparagus, 1/2 cup of brown rice
Snack 2 -   4 oz cooked chicken breast  and 1 cup steamed green beans.    
(not pictured) Post-workout/Dinner  -  5 oz grilled chicken breast with 2 cups steamed asparagus.  
(not pictured) Snack 3 -  1.5 scoops chocolate protein powder (Beverly UMP) mixed with decaf coffee & water.

Total calories: 1404. Protein 55%, carbs 28%, fat 18%. 

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