Thursday, April 7, 2011

Training Update...

My training is on track. Last night I hit the gym for cardio... I did the stair-master!! Woohoo! 25 minutes! Yeah, my knees hurt afterwards, and still a bit this morning, but nothing like before. I'm being careful, listening to my body, but it felt good to be back to my favorite form of calorie-burning cardio :-) 

My shoulders are still screaming sore from Tuesday's workout, and yoga this morning included a lot of poses with weight on the shoulders - felt a little wobbly, but nothing bad. It was a more playful class this morning, and we tried some new poses - some of which Ariel muttered, "ah, hell no!" when she saw them demonstrated. LOL! But it was fun. I feel like I'm getting more out of yoga now. I'm holding the poses stronger, activating more of my muscle control, and I'm sore from the classes, so I'm happy, lol!

Me and the water bottle had a come-to-Jesus chat yesterday. With the amount of fiber in my diet, with the goals I have, half-assing it doesn't work in my water intake. I have to get serious about hitting my minimum 64 oz/day goal of water. So far today, I am on track. Thank goodness for lemon slices! (And a bathroom nearby my office! LOL!)

Ariel is heading out of town to attend Country Thunder. She leaves tonight, so we've spent some time going over the food she has to take with her. I've also sent her with a workout sheet and a resistance tube. I'm confident she'll stay on track. 

Ariel went to Build-A-Bear yesterday and made me a bear that plays the Star Wars theme. AWESOME!! LOL! It came with a birth certificate (his name is Darth, of course), and a note from her thanking me for all I'm doing to help her reach her goals. How cool is that? And really, she had me at the Star Wars theme. :-)

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  1. That's adorable, and super sweet. And weird (which is fitting!) :)