Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Were you extra nice to your electronics yesterday?

And your car? Did you talk extra respectfully to your GPS? Why?? Because Yesterday was April 19, 2011.

So What???? What do you mean, So What???? Don't you know what that means?

It's the day that SkyNet becomes self-aware, of course!

ROFL!!!! :-)

The hubby says I'm an absolute geek, worthy of a Title. Lol!
But I was still extra nice to my car :-)


  1. Hi! New to your blog. Found you on Eat Clean today, and have been totally mesmorized and encouraged by you.

    My friend called me last night specifically to tell me about April 19th, 848pm. HAHA. I have lots of my own geekfactor, but she takes the cake for Terminator geekdom. (between the two of us at any rate)

  2. Hi Charity!!
    Awesome!!! Us geeks gotta band together!
    And apart from my love of cheesy sci-fi (lol!), if I can help you along in your journey, just let me know!
    Best Wishes!!!

  3. Too funny! Love the Terminator series...and those arms, love Linda's arms :)