Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Yesterday's workout & a whine-fest

I saw this today and immediately thought of Tab's Total Body Conditioning class :-)

Yesterday wasn't a class, it was my Chest/Triceps/Shoulders day. We've made a modification to my normal routine, swapping out the shoulder exercises. I have limited range of motion in my shoulders - yoga has helped immensely with that, but it's still limited. There's also something wrong in there, and certain motions trigger pain - the kind that either instantly brings tears to the eyes, or brings tears to the eyes and makes me drop the weight. Hence, modification.

So, yesterday's modification was to do reverse flyes instead of my regular lat raises. Well, evidently I still have some work to do in the mindset area... I KNOW modifying is not weakness, I KNOW modifying is smart, but it pissed me off when I had trouble getting through my sets. PISSED. My third set (was supposed to do four) I had to stop 3 times before I could get through it. PISSED. And I was using light weights. PISSED. By the time I was done, I was hurting and angry. It also didn't help that I worked out in a different gym, where I had to find what I needed for each set (or not find), and discovered that unlike in my regular gym, there are people who have no problem staring at others who are working out, or jumping in and using the 2nd arm of the Universal machine I'm on, while I'm on it, when there's a 2nd Universal machine 3 feet away - that no one is using. Really??? Who does that???

I dragged myself into Tab's office and whined. Those of you who know Tabitha, can guess where that got me. LOL! First I got the smack in the head I needed. Modifying is not a show of weakness. Modifying means working smarter. Shoulders are small muscles, and using small weights is not a sign of weakness. (do you see a theme here?). And next, yep, I got a modification to the modification.  Lol. We're working on building up my rear delts, in the hopes (not only of improving my physique) of reducing strain on my shoulders, and reducing that bite I feel when I raise laterally. I may need more modifications, and now that my head is on straight again, I'm good with that.

My shoulders are sore today, but more, my upper back is sore - because I pushed through when I should have stopped and assessed, I allowed my back to carry the weight load instead of my shoulders. <sigh> I knew better, dagnabbit. But... it's ok. It was one exercise, in one workout, and next time I'll be smarter.

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