Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday's Phobia... Measurements & Progress Pics

Today was the day... four week progress mark. Weight, measurements, and pictures. Same bathing suit, different day, lol.  First thing Tab and I both noticed was that my bikini top was a'saggin. Dagnabbit! Didn't think I could lose anymore there! ROFL! Poor Bill. However, that said, my chest measurement was up half an inch (thank you, pecs!). There wasn't a whole lot of progress seen in the numbers. My body fat actually went up a scoshe... how the heck did that happen??? I know that measurements and the scale can be valuable tools to judge progress, but sometimes they don't tell the whole story. My photos showed more progress than then numbers, for sure.

Here are the numbers to compare:

4 weeks ago:                              Today:
Chest: 34.75"                              Chest: 35.25"
Thigh: 20.5"                                 Thigh: 21"
Hips:  35"                                     Hips: 34.75"
Waist:  27.5"                                Waist: 27.25"
Arm:  11.75"                                Arm: 11.5"
Calf:  13.5"                                   Calf: 13.5"
Weight:  123 lb                             Weight:  124 lb

So I've gained pec muscle, thigh muscle, lost a bit in the hips, waist and arms, and my calves have remained the same. According to the WGT (World's Greatest Trainer), this is all good. She's not worried about any of it, after all, I'm 17 weeks out. She told me I look better than I ever have, and if I get hung up on the numbers she'll pull me right now from competition. Scary WGT would do it, too. So I'm determined to keep my head in the right place, and despite my phobia of photos, I am relying on them to show me that I am changing. Mostly the only place I see it is in my rear end.

On that note, here we go...  Four weeks ago is left, Today is right:

Frustrating to not see a BIG difference in four weeks, but it is what it is. I know that these pictures don't show the details, the muscle I've gained in my back, the definition I'm beginning to see in my abs, the continued definition in my arms. I can see it, I just have to hold on to it.

So now, I'm out the door... I've got to pick up a boutteiniere for Shiloh's prom date, do my workout, clean up , get my hair done (Tab's getting hers at the same time - Girl fun time!), then meet Bill for a late anniversary lunch/early dinner.

I'm off and running! Happy Friday!

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  1. I can totally see more definition and tightening and stuff! (My lingo is obviously very technical :P) I think that's great! :)
    Also the pictures are brighter so you must've found a place with better lighting lol

    Anyway congrats on the progress! Even if it doesn't feel like much, you can at least be proud of your commitment to the process :)