Thursday, May 26, 2011

Graduation - DONE! Pictures!

It's Done! I can hardly believe it, my girls have graduated, and my baby is a sophomore. I feel ancient. Lol. Graduation was great, the girls looked beautiful. The next day (Wednesday)  was the grad party, and my sis & bro drove in from Sacramento. Awesome!!! So good to see them!!! My folks and other sister weren't able to make the trip, so I'm super grateful that Jamie and Sylvia did :-)

Here's some pics...
The Graduates!!
Shiloh and Ariel
Chelle, Ariel, Bill
Daddy and Ariel
Bill and Shiloh :-)
Another great shot of Bill and Shiloh
Mommy and Shiloh - Where did the years go??
Bethany and Shiloh
Ariel and Bethany
Ah, the love of siblings! Joey and Shiloh
Me and my baby!
The family
Shiloh, Bill, Ariel, Joey, Bethany and Me
The kids :-)
The Sibs!!
Sylvia, Me, Jamie
Food... Hmmm. Well. The good news is I haven't cheated. All my food is clean and my ratios are on track. But... I got a little distracted yesterday and missed some food. :-(  My bad. Seriously. Came in at only 1,000 calories for the day. And it was a weight lifting day (killer leg session with Tab that morning!). Dagnabbit. That was a major mistake on my part. :-( Not good. 

Today is better. I'm back on track. I started my day with a 40 minute steady-state cardio session on the stair-master, packed my cooler and have been on track ever since.

I'm working in the office today, then tomorrow I'm hanging with my kids & Sibs :-)  after my 6:30 am torture session with Tabitha the Terminator :-) Awesome!! I've been calling Tab the WGT (World's Greatest Trainer) for years... now that I'm back training with her, I am more convinced than ever, she IS the WGT. No Doubt. :-)   Next friday is measurements & pics again... I'm hopeful that this time I'll see change, in the pictures and the measurements. I've finally started seeing it in my tummy area. It's flatter than it's ever been. Poor Tab, Wednesday I came flying into the studio where we train and excitedly lifted my shirt and said, "LOOK!!"   She had no idea what she was looking at, lol, but she played along. Seriously though, I can actually see that it looks different, and that is a huge relief!! :-) 

Food for today is up on the Cooler page. You can view the pics and stuff there :-) Dinner this evening for me is my usual chicken & veggies, but I've got a Enchilasagna for the family :-) (see recipe page).  Can't wait to go home and hang with the family! :-) Isn't the day over yet? LOL!! Happy Thursday!


  1. Wow, are a doll!! Check out your arms! *high five*

  2. We had a great time too! Miss you so much! :)