Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Let the Beatings Begin...

Let the beatings begin. YES!! Today was my first workout with Tab at Pt-101. I LOVED IT!! Apart from the time-with-the-bff-factor, Tab truly is The World's Greatest Trainer and it's awesome to have her skill & experience focused on getting me to my goal. Today was Legs, and they're a'wobblin'!  All my weights got increased! Yay! Leg Press, Smith Squat, Deadlifts. Plus we did calf-raises, lunges with weights (onto a step), supermans, and water-pumps (one knee on bench, hold on to the bench, raise the other leg - toes pointed, and resist while she tries to push the leg to the ground, then pop the leg back up and do it again).

I just took some Aleve, and I'll definitely have to ice the knees when I get home tonight. After work, I've got abs class, then 30 minutes of steady-state cardio on the elliptical. Next I'll clean up and head to the grocery store for Ariel's birthday dinner (tomorrow night) supplies, then to the bowling alley.

I've settled into the calories (1400/day) but the mornings are a challenge for me. Specifically the pre-breakfast to snack 1 time period. You know that trick Jesus did with the loaves & fishes? Can anyone do that to my oatmeal? PLEASE??? 

[haha, 10-points if you know who that is]

Once I make it to my first snack I level back out but pre-breakfast and on through that snack, I am one hungry girl.  And no amount of green-tea can fill that void, lol.

So about Ariel's birthday... she's turning 19 tomorrow! One of my deals with the family is that I don't mess with their birthday dinners. I don't require those meals to be "clean". It's a treat, and I let them have what they want. Usually it's not too bad, and I can always clean up recipes as I go. So when I asked Ariel what she wanted for her birthday dinner, with the understanding that for her it's an even more special treat (competition diet), she chose...
  • Honey-Barbecue chicken
  • Grilled peppers & Zucchini
  • Baked Beans
  • Artichoke Dip & Bread
  • Sweet Pickles
  • Triple Chocolate Cupcakes w/Chocolate Frosting
  • Fake Hostess Cupcakes
  • Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Creamgluten-free cupcakes cookbook elana amsterdam
LOL! Think maybe she's been craving some carbs & chocolate? 

Interestingly, the two cupcake recipes she is wanting are both out of Elana Amsterdam's new Cupcake book (which is a serious must-have!) and they're incredible (and clean, FYI)! I'll be baking those on Thursday for our family dinner. My only regret is that I can't enjoy a cupcake, but it's a pretty minor regret. Sure I'd love to have a treat... and Elana's cupcakes are seriously amazing, but... I'm on track. No cheats or treats for me. Period. I can bake these for the family, and I can appreciate their appreciation. That works for me. If I absolutely have to have something, I'll pop open a diet pepsi. Yeah, I  know, not clean. Don't judge. Lol. It's all I've got. 

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