Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My HIIT Routine on Stair-Master

Quick Q & A... 

"Chelle, what's your HIIT on the Stair-master look like?"  
~ via email. 

Ahhh, the stair-monster! I love it! It's so... insane! :-)  My heart-rate tends to SOAR on it, so doing steady state cardio is the challenge, rather than the HIIT, lol. I've done my HIIT the same way on the stair-master for a couple years, and when I first told Tab about it, she gave me this look, like, "That's not HIIT, my friend". So I drug her butt onto the stair-master one day to do it with me. Ha. Who won? I won. That, my friends was HIIT. And let's be honest, any time I can wear Tab out in the gym is a huge triumph for me :-) And maybe a little revenge. LOL! 

Here's my routine...

Min 1-3:  Warmup - level 6. Then...
1 Min: Turn it up to 8, turn sideways and hold on while sidestepping up. Press into each step up. If you're facing left, the left foot comes up over the right. This is a grapevine-step but on the stairs. At the end of the minute, turn immediately to the opposite side.
1 Min: Opposite side side-steps. Don't just skip up the steps, plant your foot on each step, stay upright, facing fully sideways. At the end of the minute, return immediately to facing forward.
1 Min: Skip-a-step-kickbacks. Step up, skipping a step, plant your foot firmly - feel it in your quad as you step up, then with the other leg, kick back tensing the whole leg - tighten that tush! Then swing that leg forward and up , skipping a step, and kick back with the other leg. Remain upright... don't lean forward. You will feel the step up in the quad, and the kickback in the glute and hamstring (and calf). At the end of the minute, slow down to 6 again, and catch your breath for 2 minutes (see next).
2 Min: "rest" - level 6. Each step, squeeze your butt. Each step. Squeeze!

Repeat until you hit 20 minutes, then reduce speed to 5 or 6 and go steady state for 10 minutes. Focus on controlling your breathing. Stay upright, no slouching or leaning forward. Big deep breaths in and out, while you make every step count. Each and every step is a push and squeeze. Lift your foot up, plant it, raise yourself (feel it in that quad) and squeeze your glute tight at the top of that step before you plant the next foot.

When you're done, your butt will be burning. If you can make the full minute for each of the intervals, increase the speed. Your heart-rate should be racing and completing each minute of the intervals should be difficult. 

That's my Stair-Monster HIIT workout. :-) Try it and let me know what you think!


  1. oh my god i did this and its amazing

  2. this is almost my routine to the "T" i love it. and i am so sweaty when i leave i have sheets over my car seats haha!

  3. does this burn fat the way HIIT would be on the treadmill though?

    1. Absolutely! It's all about the intervals... moderate intensity interspersed with "sprint" intensity. It's awesome! :-)

  4. what is the opposite side -side steps? im dumb is guess and am not sure how this differs from the first "grapevine steps. Thx

    1. Lol, no, I was probably just unclear :-) What I mean is to do the same thing but facing the opposite side. :-)

  5. LOL okay i gotcha !!