Monday, May 9, 2011

New Hair, Anniversary, Prom and Mental Health Break...

Ok, recap of the weekend. Friday was pics & measures. After, I ran my errands, got my workout done and headed to the mall to meet with my Hair God, Daniel. I have an arrangement with Daniel. I allow him to have his way with me. :-) Seriously, I don't tell him what to do... he's the expert and I trust him. That trust was tested on Friday when I heard the words, "Halle Berry" come out of his mouth. Wait, WHICH Halle Berry? While Tab snickered (we had tandem appointments), Daniel ordered me into the chair. Though it was difficult :-) I trusted Daniel to work his magic.

And I LOVE it! :-) It's very me-with-confidence, lol. So I have to pretend I'm confident enough to wear this cut :-)

For our anniversary, Bill and I went to Culinary Dropout in Downtown Scottsdale (Waterfront). YUM! The salted caramel flan is simply to-die-for. Uber Yum! It was really nice. I ordered the Ahi salad (which is really good), Bill got the Prime Rib Dip, and we shared an order of (real) cheese fries. I didn't feel even a little guilty. Afterward, we walked along the Waterfront for awhile. Nope, no guilt. Lol.

As a matter of fact. The whole "no progress" thing messed with my head so much that I had to call a time-out. I've been doing this since March 15... hard core. I've clearly hit a wall, and I needed a break. So I took a two-day mental health break. While I still ate clean (apart from anniversary dinner), I didn't worry about food. Or supplements. Or anything. I just breathed. If I was hungry, I ate. And today, my head is in a better place, I feel more sane, lol, and I'm ready to rock the next 16 weeks.

During my break, I realized I was out of whack on my exercise, too... I've been doing my cardio, my weight workouts, my classes, my yoga (fyi, that's 5 weight sessions, 4 classes, and 3 cardio)... no wonder I hit a wall! I'm spread way too thin. So I'm pulling it back in. I am doing 5 cardio sessions per week, 2 of them HIIT. I am doing 5 weight sessions per week. I might do one yoga class per week. I am not doing any other classes. I'm going to thrive through this process but I can't do that if I'm running myself into the ground. I'm going to eat clean, train hard, and see what happens.

Prom was Saturday night, and Shiloh looked gorgeous :-)
Shiloh Jacoby, Prom 2011

Mother's Day saw my usual Sunday Food Prep. The kids had some great gifts and cards for me
 :-) and Ariel had given me some Dove Dark Chocolate. And yes, I ate it. Chocolate is part of a mental health break :-) Week 16 (starts today) is all or nothing. From here on out, there are no cheats, no treats. So I enjoyed my dark chocolate.


  1. I haven't even read this whole post yet, I just saw the picture of your hair... I ADORE it!!! Daniel obviously knows what he's doing but... he has outdone himself. That haircut is SO you, and it looks fantastic!

  2. LOVE the hair. My hair is my security blanket that I hide behind. I have rarely had short hair. And even now, I feel my hair is "short" and it is down between my shoulder blades.
    Good for you to recognize the need for a short break, instead of pushing too hard. Glad you had a nice anniversary!

  3. OK, that hairstyle on you is absolutely freakin' sexy as hell!!!! Wow mama!!!!
    I'm so glad you let Daniel have his way with you. Chelle, this is soooooooo you!!!! Now strut your stuff girl!!!


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  5. Thanks so much, Charity & Roxie! It certainly leaves me feeling very exposed, lol! I don't even have bangs to hide behind! Where'd my invisibility cloak go??? :-D I am loving it, though, and still getting used to it. Might have to keep this one for a while :-)

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