Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sweet Pure Honey

I love, love love companies with products that are sustainable, responsible, green, affordable, and practical. I love even more companies that are all those things and family run. Intro Sweet Pure Honey. While reading one of my favorite forums this morning, a post from Wendy Morley (Eat Clean Diet staff-person extraordinaire) led me to Sweet Pure Honey.  I'm in love! While I can't enjoy honey myself (comp diet) my family does indulge... daily! Plus, look at all the awesome products they offer! I can't wait to place my first order! I want 3 of everything! Ok, maybe 4. LOL!


Check them out!!


  1. Posts about honey always make me excited!!!!

    Gotta toot my own horn for a moment: I'm married to a very experience commercial beekeeper. (25 years in the field) And I have grown into the profession in the last 8 years. We run approx 170 colonies. I make a variety of bee products (ointment, lotion & candles to name a few), and have learned a lot about the apitherapy of apiculture.

    The very most important thing to watch for with honey is that it is local and unpasturized. If you buy pasturized honey, it is still a way better alternative to sugar, but it is rendered only a sweetener. Unpasturized honey is where all the benefit is. And it must be locally produced for you to get the immunity boosting benefits. (Which if you're not concerned with that, by all means I would not discourage anyone from promoting a fellow Canadian beekeeper!)

    A note about natural unperfumed (people do this!) beeswax candles. They burn a more natural light, similar to our eyes as sunlight. They also produce a negative ion when burned and trap dust & pollutants from the air - they clean the air!
    (Paraffin wax is a petroleum by-product. Burning cheaper candles is like running your car in your home.)

    About Sweet Pure Honey, I did actually visit their website, and I gotta say I LOVE their presentation AND that their honey is RAW. :) WTG SPH!

  2. Chelle, thanks soo much for your kind words, I am very honoured a lady of your caliber and eductaion gets what we are trying to do!! And just for the record everyone she has not yet bought any products, so her words come from the heart, thanks so much!!

    I had no idea when I offered to send you some samples ( which should arrive any day now!!) of our products how accomplished and driven you were, your devotion to your family and fitness is inspirational!!

    Yes we are the real deal, beekeepers, partners and parents, growing in life and trying to bring awareness to healthy inspired living.
    I will check in your site more often when I need a pick up!!

    Thank you for shout out, it means so much. Stella Sehn from Porcupine Plain, SK Canada

  3. I gotta be honest, folks... now that I've tried Sweet Pure Honey's products, I think I might be hooked! They're truly fabulous! Give 'em a try! See for yourself! I'm placing my order! :-)