Monday, May 16, 2011

Today's Food & Workouts

 Oatmeal w/protein powder, ground flax, cinnamon. 
Snack4 oz grilled salmon & 3 strawberries & a small sliced small kiwi.
4 oz  grilled chicken breast, 2 cups steamed broccoli & cauliflower, 1/2 cup of black beans.
Snack -   4 oz grilled chicken breast & 1.5 cup steamed zucchini & yellow squash.    
 -  4 oz grilled cod, 2 cups steamed asparagus.  
Pre-bed Snack
 - Shake - 1.5-scoop protein powder mixed with water and decaf coffee.

Today's Numbers (click on the picture above to view all the info): 1427 calories; 52% protein, 31% carb, 17% fat. 31.1 g fiber.  Sodium: 675 mg (I will boost my sodium with sea-salt throughout the day)

This morning, got my first cardio of the week done - steady state on the stair-master for 30 minutes plus 5 minute cool-down. 

Now Tab and I are trying to work out my workout schedule... hopefully that'll be nailed down pretty quick. I have to be honest, I'm really struggling. Not with the diet, but with my body. I'm trying not to, but I am really stressing over the lack of progress in my belly and lower body... further, I'm hoping that it's the sodium adjustment (please, god!), but my abdominal area is larger. Larger! My weight is the same as last week, 124. According to the Terrible-Tanita, my body fat % has actually dropped nearly 4%... in a week. Hmmm. Doesn't sound right. It's had me at 28% for several weeks, but the last two times I've weighed (Wed and yesterday), it was 24.4% ... yet my abdominal area is larger. I don't know what's going on. It's stressing me, it's weighing on me. I feel lost. I need direction. And, lordy I hate how whiney that sounds! I'm trying to push forward and stay positive. I'll keep trying.

On the flip side of that neurotic mess is that I'm seeing changes in myself internally... I hold myself differently, I feel more... stable, I guess, is the word I'm looking for. Stronger, emotionally and physically. More mature (though not grown up, lol, NEVER grown up!). I feel like I'm growing more into myself. When I'm not wigging out over "progress", I feel really good about my decision to compete. I'm strong in the diet and I think my lifestyle change (to Clean Eating) has given me the very best foundation for how I'm eating now. I chose to compete to achieve a new level of growth, to gain poise, and aside from my whining and crying, I know I'm on the right path.  I am confident of that.


  1. Great post! I think getting to see the ups and downs is helpful for people on the same (or a similar) journey. Being able to know that no one has an easy ride helps us to recalibrate our thinking back to real life, rather than the fairy tales we've heard or even told ourselves.

    Following up on your struggles with your strengths in this post is also comforting! Knowing that you're committed and being able to take pride in your commitment is always a good reminder that even if you don't see progress right now, you know you're on the right track!

    I can totally relate! :)

  2. Aw Jamie, This is why you're the best ever! :-) Thank you. I can't wait for you guys to get here!!!!

  3. Hang in there Chelle!! Competition prep is a roller coaster of a journey and my body definitely played games with my mind on more than one occasion. I always tell myself, "Trust the Process". Just keep plugging along, don't let yourself get caught up in the numbers, the progress will show up!