Thursday, May 19, 2011

Today's Food...

Got everything done yesterday that I needed to, including my Abs Class and Cardio. Dinner was my standard chicken breast and 2 cups of raw peppers. They're so used to me and my cooler now at the bowling alley, that no one even looks at me funny anymore. Lol! I had a bowl of sliced cucumbers, but didn't end up needing it, so it's in today's cooler, just in case :-)

This morning, Ariel received her first birthday treat - a large Godiva chocolate bar from me :-) and     then she headed to Pt-101 where Tab kicked her ass while making her wear a birthday crown, LOL!!  :-) While Ariel was sweating blood, I was at the gym doing my morning cardio. HIIT today, on the stairmaster. I do two HIIT sessions and 3 steady-state cardio sessions each week. For now, lol. So today was 20 minutes of my killer intervals, then 10 minutes of steady-state. My glutes screamed Tab's name with each and every step I took, lol. I'm fabulously sore from yesterday. Love it! 

The cardio was tough, HIIT always is, and I had to resort to my muscle chant to keep going... each step I muttered "Quad, hammy, glute. Quad, hammy, glute". Every step counts, and the way I'm feeling right now... each one did. For sure!

Food today is all per my usual. Dinner tonight will also be my normal chicken & veggies, though the rest of the family will be enjoying bbq in celebration of Ariel's 19th birthday. After work (that cardio this morning was all I had to do today, so I don't have to head back to the gym) I'll be whipping up those cupcakes. Can't wait to smell them! LOL! Bill is in charge of the grill and will be cooking the chicken & veggies, while I head up the rest of the food. Hopefully I'll have everything ready before folks show up.

Click on the photo to view all pics & nutritional info.

Breakfast -  Oatmeal w/protein powder, ground flax, cinnamon.  

Snack: 4 oz grilled chicken breast & 1/4 cup raspberries, 1/4 cup blackberries. 

Lunch - 4 oz  grilled chicken breast, 2 cups steamed broccoli & cauliflower, 1/2 cup of black beans.

Snack -   5 oz grilled chicken breast & 1.5 cup steamed green beans.    

Dinner  (not pictured) -  4 oz grilled chicken breast, 2 cups steamed zucchini/yellow squash, 1/2 tbsp garlic infused olive oil.  

Pre-bed Snack - (not pictured) Shake - 1-scoop protein powder mixed with water and decaf coffee.

Today's Numbers (click on the fitday icon above to view all the info): 1346 calories; 50% protein, 31% carb, 20% fat. 46 g fiber.  Sodium: 904 mg

And HERE you can see yesterday's food in photos :-) 

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  1. i love your break down by calories etc.

    thanks for posting!