Sunday, May 1, 2011

Waffle - Syrup Side Up

As you can see by my title, I am still THE WAFFLER, but my waffle is currently syrup side up :-) Yesterday Shiloh, Bethany and I tried a new thing. Tab, being the Fitness Director Extraordinaire, organized a super creative intro to Spinning. Karaoke Spin. Search for it on YouTube, and you'll find a news-piece that will have you cracking up and wondering where you can try it.

Now, the backstory... I am afraid of spinning. Deathly afraid. Everyone tells me how intense it is, how crazy spinners are, and I've been quite content with my stairmonster, elliptical and occasional treadmill for my cardio. I take my crazy in small doses, thank you. Tab gets this Karaoke Spin thing in motion and encourages me to try it. It's a great intro to spinning, it's fun, you'll like it... Fine. I'll try it. But I'm not going alone. Ariel only escaped because she had to work, but Shiloh and Bethany became my hostages for 90 minutes on a Saturday.

More backstory... related to my super-hero ability to waffle. I have this workout outfit - cute top, matching pants - I bought it as part of my "reward" when I attended the Arnold Sports Festival as an Eat Clean Diet Ambassador. It was expensive (actually they were expensive, I bought two outfits), but I felt like a million bucks in it. The vendor who sold them to me was a little crazy himself, lol, but really helpful self-confidence-wise to me. He treated me a little like his personal barbie, dressing me up in what he wanted to see me in - or rather, what he wanted me to see myself in. It was a bit intimidating, trying on and modeling these amazing workout outfits amidst competitors and vendor-girls running around in little more than their birthday suits and killer bodies. It was a very stretching experience, but I felt part of my reward in buying the clothes was actually feeling good in them in that setting. Well, you know me... once I got home and my body confidence waned, those outfits hit the bottom of the workout drawer. I wore the blue one once... for my "after photo" for my upcoming Oxygen Success Story (hits mid July!!). That's it. Bottom of the drawer. I tell myself I'll wear them when I've leaned out, and am closer to the competition. I tell myself I'll wear them after the competition when I've gained more confidence.

Well, I pulled out the blue one for yesterday's class. I put it on and the waffling began. It's too snug, I look chubby. It's too fitted, I look like I'm screaming for attention. I finally decided to suck it up and just wear the damn thing, but I put a sports bra and regular tee-shirt in my bag to take with me. No one's ever accused me of having too much confidence. Well, they have, but they were idiots. Anyway. Now we're cutting it close time-wise, so out the door I go. Tugging on the hem of my top. In the parking lot, I realized I was running for the super-super hero award for waffling. I decided to let Tab be my mirror (a role she's played regularly for nearly 5 years). If she looked at me funny or said it was too tight/snug/blatant, I'd change. In the door we went, and there's Tab. Here's the moment of truth.

"Wow!" she said. "You look great!"  Hmmm. I continued to scan that face I've learned to read so well, and... not a hint of censure. Her eyes were wide and clear as she told me I looked really pretty. Not something I normally hear as I walk in the gym, lol. I guess my skewed view of what's in the mirror was truly skewed. So I forgot about the change of top in my bag and we headed to class. Here I met the instructor who would lead our 90 minute spin-foray. Cute. Seriously cute. And fit. And competent. A little intimidating. As we spoke and set up,she kept looking at me. I mean really looking at me, up and down, staring at my arms, my face. Back came the shirt-insecurity. Should I change? Damn, I should change. Too late now, but look... they're shutting off the lights! Cool! 

90 minutes later, I've had a seriously fun time. I loved spinning! LOVED it! I'm sweaty, worn out, hungry, and ready to sign up. The lights come on and the chatting begins. After several minutes, the instructor looks at me and says, "Do you have a daughter named _____?" "Nope, I've got another one named Ariel, though." "Huh." Huh? "I could have sworn..."  eh? "It's just that, I know this girl, _____, and her mom is a figure competitor... you're the spitting image of her."

If I wasn't already off the bike, I'd have fallen off. My insecurity dropped away, I could feel myself blossom. It was a moment. Wow. A seriously WOW moment. Then my waffle started to slide.... I pulled Tab aside, outside the class, "Did you put her up to that?" There are no words for the look she gave me, lol. "Chelle, it wouldn't even occur to me to do so". And again, that look. The "You've got issues" look. ROFL. Ok, waffle is syrup side up again.

Back home, Bethany (who won the Awesome Karaoke Spinner award and an iTunes gift card!), ate then passed out on the couch... for the rest of the day, lol. Shiloh wanted to look for her graduation dress, so I said I'd change and we could go. NO. She wouldn't let me change my top! She said, "You look good, let's go". Now... Shiloh is my fashion guru. She will not allow me to be seen in public with her unless I meet certain standards. My typical Saturday-post-cardio-wear does not meet those standards (might be the do-rag, lol), but she's dragging me out the door in my snug little workout outfit.

A couple hours later, she's found her grad dress and we're back home. Where Bill does a double-take when he sees me. He really likes the outfit. Really likes the outfit. Hmmm. Either everyone around me was smokin' something special, or my brain-to-mirror-connection is wacked. Probably the latter.

Either way, that waffle is currently syrup side up, where I prefer it.

Oh, and my ass is sore. Really, really sore. I think a butt-pad is on my shopping list today. I loved spin, am ready to do it again, though I definitely want a butt pad. LOL!  I'm off to do my Sunday food prep... Happy Weekend!!

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  1. Love this story!! I totally get what you mean here. Sometimes it's terrifying how different what we see is from what others see, and sometimes it's really helpful in getting us to take another look.

    LOVE the part where you're questioning whether Tab orchestrated the complement that a stranger gave you--hilarious! and so true to how we think sometimes.

    Even though it can be scary to see how wrong we can be about ourselves, it is, at the same time, nice to be so wrong!