Friday, June 24, 2011

Correcting an Assumption

I hate eating crow. Really hate it. Hate it even more when it's due to an assumption I've made which turned out wrong. I blame low carbs.

I've been saying that Capella flavor drops are clean. In fact, they are not. In my search to add variety and haha, flavor, to my competition diet, when I stumbled on these little gems, I read this: and was done. However, there's more. As I was reading last night, I realized that not all of the drops are all naturally flavored. Damn. Some are (yay!), some are not (#$%&!), but here are the doozies... the carrier base is made up of propylene glycol and some flavors add Triacetin.

These are not clean.

I apologize, profusely, for stating that Capella drops are "clean", and steering anyone toward them with this misconception. I erred in not researching further, in stopping with the company hue & cry over what their product does not include (calories, fat, carbs, gluten, sweeteners). I'm ashamed of myself for having this slip by me, and on to you. I am so sorry. Normally, I'm very good at researching products before I recommend them, and as you know, I do NOT get paid or kickbacks for endorsing products. I'm just lil' ol' me, blogging my way through life. I feel horrible that I missed this. Again, I apologize.

I will continue to use the Capella drops for the duration of my Competition Diet. While they are not welcome in a clean eating lifestyle (which I 100% endorse), they go far in enhancing the diet-endurance of a competitor. I will accept them, in this temporary time, and gladly bid them farewell when I can go back to eating fruit and natural sweeteners (and chocolate). Competition diet is beyond strict. There is no cheating. No treats. There is no fudging the calories or ratios. You're on or your off. I've been on. I've been on for a very, very long time, and I have 9 weeks still to go. Capella flavor drops provide me a satisfaction and sense of "treat" that keeps me from feeling deprived, so I'll use them until I no longer need them. Then I will gladly shun the chemical for the real thing.

There is a grand canyon size difference between eating clean and competition diet. I underestimated this when I began my Figure journey. Yes, I eat clean - it's who I am, who I've become. I am absolutely committed to eating clean for the rest of my life. But being on competition diet isn't about simply reducing intake or playing with macros. It's about eliminating (not reducing) entire groups of foods (high glycemic, for example), it's about training your body beyond anything you've ever experienced (or imagined), it's about functioning on far less than the body wants, while utilizing supplements (vitamins, minerals, protein, etc) to make up the difference. It's harsh, and it's hard, and it's temporary. It does not have to be unhealthy as so many have painted it.

In fact, I'm very healthy. My diet is very good, between my clean food and my supplements, I'm nourished, and I'm most assuradly hydrated. Further, the plan I'm following does not require the dehydration phase bodybuilding is known for. I will lean out, but I will not dehydrate. But again, this is temporary. It's not a lifestyle. It's a diet, plain and simple. And as I'm dieting I am using tools I would not otherwise touch. It's a compromise, and one I'm not entirely comfortable with, but I've committed to being honest with myself, and with you, about every step on this path.

Eating clean is a lifestyle made up of choices. We each choose how "clean" we go. We live in a synthetic world, and chemicals are all around us. It is impossible to completely rid ourselves of chemicals - they're in our air, water, food. It is costly to do what we can to elliminate them, and requires a deep committment (and deep, deep pockets). My motto has always been, Do the best you can, with what you have. I live that each day, and it both hurts and grates that I inadvertantly, through negligence, made a bum recommendation.

So again, I offer you my apology for not doing the research on the product. I encourage you, if you've purchased the Capella drops, to do your own research and determine if you can or can't accept them in your lifestyle. If you can't, and you purchased them on my recommendation, please email me. I will make it right.

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