Thursday, June 16, 2011

Defining Failure

6:30 am I met with Tab for my morning beating. We did triceps and biceps. They cried. As I struggled through rep after rep, I finally had to ask...

"Tab, when you did this (trained for show), did you ever feel like you were getting weaker with each workout?"

"Oh yeah!" [you couldn't have told me that

"Absolutely!" She then explained how she'd do a set,
then on the 2nd set by the 2nd rep the burn set in and she wondered how she could finish. Huh. Sounded really, really familiar.  
She also reminded me of the science behind why I feel 
weaker. How the muscle fibers aren't being given sufficient time to heal, how the ATP is being depleted, and so on.
I have to say I'm really glad I asked her about it, rather than keeping it inside. I've been beating myself up internally because every workout I feel weaker than the one before. There is none of the "I'm stronger, I'm buffer" feeling I expected when I set out on this path. Ok, yes, my arms look freakin' awesome, lol, and my pecs make grown men weep (ok, not really, but I like my dream world - gotta give the flat-chested girl something!). I'm really pleased with the aesthetic progress, but it feels like my strength is waning, my endurance slipping away. It's hard to face that at each workout, and again when I get on the equipment in the evenings to do my cardio and by the third stride, feel like throwing in the towel.

After talking with the WGT (world's greatest trainer) Tab this morning I feel alot better about it. You've probably heard of people training to failure, maybe tried it yourself. Meaning, you do as many reps as you can while still maintaining proper form. That's a big part of our training routine. And it sucks. Seriously. It's hard, the muscles burn like no other. And it's seriously effective. You've heard me say often that Failure is NOT an Option. True that.

But... as Tab pointed out to me today, I need to rethink my perspective on the weakness in my workouts... in actuality, to get where I want to go, Failure is the ONLY Option. Which means I will continue to feel weaker. I will continue to struggle. I will continue to push when I want to collapse, stride when I want to sink.

And I will use my daily failure to reach my goal.

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