Thursday, June 2, 2011

Food, Workouts, and new Workout Tunes

Yesterday after work I hit the gym for Tab's Ab Class (ow!) then did my 20 minutes of HIIT plus 10 of steady state. I used the elliptical, and cranked the resistance to 14 (incline stayed at 9 throughout) for my HIIT, and it was like running through mud - mud that was nearly concrete. Brutal. Had to shower before I could get ready for the bowling alley. Lol. Once at the alley, I hauled out my cooler for dinner. Figure Competition Diet - Eating dinner at the bowling alleyI was STARVING. I wrapped up half my tenderloin in the lettuce leaf, and just scarfed the other half. This was one of the days when 1400 calories doesn't go very far. Once home, I did a few chores then hit the sack. 5 a.m. comes awfully early, lol.

My tea-jello experiment turned out well! I used 2 cups of flavored tea to make the jello, and while it's not sweet (duh, lol) it tastes like the tea - which was what I was going for :-) If you're looking for a no-impact treat, and you like jello, give the recipe a try. I have a feeling I'll be eating a lot of tea-and glutamine jello's this summer :-)  I put the recipes up, if you'd like them. Click Here.

This morning I hit the gym bright and early for my steady-state cardio. Stairmaster this time, for 40 minutes plus cool-down. That done, it was back home to ready for the day. Here's my cooler today...

Clean Eating Cooler - 1400 calories, figure competition diet Clean Eating Cooler - 1400 calories, figure competition diet
Breakfast - Oatmeal w/protein powder, ground flax, cinnamon.
Snack: 3 oz grilled chicken, half cup black/raspberries
Lunch - 3 oz roasted pork tenderloin, 2 cups steamed cauliflower/broccoli, 4 oz baked sweet potato.
Snack - 3 oz grilled chicken breast & 1 cup steamed green beans.
Dinner (not pictured) - 3 oz grilled chicken breast, 2 cups steamed zucchini.
Pre-bed Snack (not pictured) -Protein Ice Cream - 1-scoop protein powder mixed with 1 cup almond milk (chocolate, unsweetened) & 1 Tbsp peanut butter.

Today's Numbers (click on the picture above to go to the cooler page and view all the info): 1446 calories; 42% protein, 28% carb, 29% fat. 38.3 g fiber.

I updated my Music lists today... so if you're interested, head over to my Workout music page :-) I've got a new list for cardio, and another for weights.

Competition update... Found out I don't get to pick my own posing music for the evening show (boo). All competitors (except bodybuilding) use house music. As I am rhythmically impaired, I am hoping whatever they play will be something I can walk to, lol. It's just another challenge, and not worth worrying about. 

I also learned that though I qualify for 3 classes, I can only choose 2. Don't know why, maybe that's how they keep one person from dominating? I dunno. So now Tab and I have to decide which two to put me in (Novice, Open, and Masters 35+).  I can't remember if I mentioned it or not, but they also added a Bikini division, so we moved Ariel into my show so we could compete together as we'd originally wanted. We're 12.5 weeks out. 

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