Friday, June 24, 2011

Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Training for Figure...

Fierce Friday. That's today. I woke feeling fantastic! I slept through the night, no hamstring pain to wake me, and I woke with energy and anticipation for today's workout. 2 cups of coffee and I was off to the studio. Tab brutalized me for an hour. It was GREAT! Triceps, biceps, shoulders... they're weeping now! You know it's a good workout when driving home, you can't change the station on the radio! :-) 

During one of my last sets, I was whipped, wiped, and whining (only in my head, but still)... Tab got in my face and said, "Get mad!! Show me your fury!" I dug, I got mad, and I blew out the set. Fury. It's a tool. I like it. :-)  As we made our way to the next exercise, Tab said, "what's that saying? Hell hath no fury...?" We started punching out our own versions of Shakespeare's famous line, then digressed into the burn... Hell hath no burn like a figure competitor doing shoulders. Hell hath no burn like a figure competitor doing bicep curls with a 45 lb body bar and 10 second holds... on and on we went.

It's one thing to workout, to workout hard, to give it your all and leave nothing on the table. It's another to do it knowing the clock is ticking away, and you're going to step on stage, compete. It changes the game. I thought I've worked hard before, and I have, but it was nothing, NOTHING compared to this. The mental game changes everything. It's not just a set I have to finish, it's a striation I have to sculpt. It's not just a rep, it's my placing on the stage. Each stage of each repetition becomes life and death to my hopes and dreams. I've never worked harder. I've never burned more. I've never been stronger, or weaker. It's brutal, it's exhausting, and I'm having the time of my life.

I don't know that when this is over I'll do it again. I hope I have that in me, but if I don't, this is still a win for me. I do know that I'm better for this... I'm become more. I'm evolving, growing, testing my limits and pushing past them. Despite injury, fear, and the sacrifices, I love that I'm doing this.

And having the World's Greatest Trainer/Coach, who's also my best friend, at my side... makes it AWESOME!

Now I'm going to dig up some more of that fury, and go do cardio :-)


  1. The clock makes things hard huh? but in the end it will be worth it. I waver too, do i want to do this again? Is it worth it?

    It definitely is a test and i am glad I have come this far...glad you have come this far too!

  2. Love it

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  3. Love this post. I can feel your energy! You are fired up and I am so excited for you!!