Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday Fun!

My saturday began with a kickin' back & biceps workout followed by a 40 minute cardio session. I'm lovin' my June playlists! :-)  A funny aside... on my way into the gym this morning, I heard a couple of women in the parking lot talking about their favorite Step instructor... Tabitha! LOL! I'm walking past thinking, "Yo, that's my BFF, ladies! Wootwoot!"  :-)

Once back home, I cooked up some oatmeal pancakes with my blueberry syrup. Someone might have gotten a little heavy handed with the blueberries... I'm not saying, I'm just sayin'. Super filling :-)  Then, seeing as how it was already past noon (2 hours in the gym will make a morning disappear), Bill and I hit the pool and chilled for a couple hours (with a quick snack break for me - 3 oz chicken breast and an apple). And then it was Time. The Time I'd been looking forward to all week. Recipe Experimenting!!!

I got out my new Babycakes donut maker, and my mini muffin pan and went to work. Half of each batch was cooked on the donut maker, the other half in the oven... just to see if there was a difference. I made three different recipes, with two different frostings. Bill couldn't get the word donut out of his head, and just kept saying, "these don't taste like donuts". Really? Ya think? I told him, "These are not dunkin, darlin'. Quit thinking donut, and just tell me how they taste." "They taste like they're not donuts."  Argh. Men.

Anyway, it was super fun, and it gave me even more ideas to try :-)  I'll be posting recipes as soon as I can, along with pics. I made a big mess (note to self... open coconut flour bag AWAY from face), but I had a ball. Love that little donut maker! After much playing, and running nutritional profiles, I've figured out I have more breakfast options :-)  Lol! I've got another couple lunch recipes I'm trying tomorrow during my food prep... a Quinoa pizza crust with a mix of lean protein & roasted veggies on top, and some stuffed poblanos... It's amazing what you can do with a basic meal: 3 oz lean protein, 1-2 cup veggies, 1/2 cup rice or quinoa or other grain.  :-)

Which takes me to my next subject... very soon I will be offering an e-book of my recipes and meal plans for download. Finally! I'll have several to choose from... one geared toward my Sunday Food Prep with meal plans and grocery lists, along with the recipes; another for entertaining - recipes & menus; another for competition diet; and so on. Now that I have a computer at home again, I can get to work putting these together. Each will have all the nutritional data for the recipes, too. I'm hoping to have these up and available within the next two weeks.

Hope your saturday is awesome!! I'm headed back to clean up my mess :-)


  1. Can't wait to see the new recipes! That's so funny about your husband and the "They taste like they're not donuts!"

  2. Hi Chelle, I LUV reading all your posts, comments, threads. THank you for everything! It encourages me to do and be a better person.
    My Saturday was good, my daughter Miranda tuned 19yrs old. WOW can you believe how quick the kids grow.
    Julie in Houston

  3. Hi Chelle, I tried making some of your "ice cream" in my cuisinart ice cream maker, but it jammed up on me. Do you have the same problem? What do you do to keep it from doing that?

    And I can't wait to see your new recipes and book!!
    Netty :)

  4. Morning Chelle.....Inkgodess :) I never post a comment or say much, but since I'm on your blog like everyday now, I think I should at least say thank you! Thank you for the awesome workout music lists! I love the same style... :) Thank you for the recipes, ideas and all of the sharing that you do. I can't wait for your ebooks of recipes! What an awesome thing to share!
    Keep up the great work on getting competition ready! I'm here in NY cheering for you!!!
    Keriw from the eatclean forum :)

  5. Hi Netty!
    Wow, that's odd, I've never had a problem. I don't know why it would jam... I blend all the ingredients, then add to the ice cream maker and away it goes. Only takes about 15-20 minutes until it's done, then I just lift out the paddle and push the ice cream off it into the bowl :-) I'm sorry you're having trouble with it :-(

    KarateNurse...Lol! Men, right? :-) He did finally admit he likes the zucchini muffins! Score!

    Julie... I know! Weren't we just changing their diapers? Time goes by so fast! And thanks for your kind words... that's the best compliment ever :-)

    Keriw... LOL!! Thank you so much! :-D Keep up that cheering! I'm counting down!

  6. I am so looking forward to your e-book
    sign me up!