Monday, June 13, 2011

Sunday Food Prep Recap & Today's Workout...

The weekend FLEW by! I had a blast doing my recipe experimenting, and Bill was a pretty good sport about being my taster... though I'm still a little irritated about the donut deal, lol!I've posted some new recipes. I think my favorite was the Protein Zucchini Muffins... They made a fast & easy breakfast (along with a nectarine) when I got home from my workout this morning and dashed to get ready.

Ok... Sunday food prep...

Breakfasts: Muffins and Oatmeal/protein powder/flax/cinnamon packets
Snacks: Homemade Granola, string cheese, plain greek yogurt, pretzels (newmans own), fruit & veggies
Proteins prepped: Chicken breast tenders, pork tenderloin (then shredded), Hard Boiled Eggs
Veggies prepped: Into steamer bags went... broccoli/cauliflower; zucchini. Grilled: eggplant & colored peppers & zucchini. Also got 2 large portabello mushroom caps to stuff with chicken :-). Roasted (thank you, Bill!) on the bbq: Anaheim Chilies & Pasilla Chilies (these get stuffed with the shredded pork tenderloin).
Fruit: Grapes, apples, bananas, nectarines, strawberries. Still have blueberries from last week.
Starchy Carb: Quinoa Pizza Crust, Oatmeal, Quinoa

Obviously a lot of that food isn't for me :-)

Here's the menu plan for the week:
Sunday: BBQ Hot Dogs for family. I had a stuffed Poblano (roasted anaheim chili with 3 oz shredded pork tenderloin & salsa with grilled veggies. The family had strawberry shortcake for dessert... I had protein ice cream :-)
Monday: Shredded Chicken Salads (same for me, sans-cheese/dressing)
Tuesday: Chicken Grilled Cheese for the family with corn. Me: Chicken breast & steamed veggies.
Wednesday: Leftovers (bowling night). Me: Chicken breast & raw peppers.
Thursday: Honey Dijon Chicken Breasts & Steamed Veggies. Me: chicken breast & steamed veggies.
Friday: Date Night - Chipotle!
Saturday: Spaghetti for family. Me: Chicken breast & steamed veggies.
Sunday: Father's Day bbq. Caveman Triple Protein Burgers, etc. Me: Plain burger (4 oz) with grilled veggies.

One of the things I most enjoyed this weekend was the mini-donut machine :-)  babycakes mini donut maker
Here's a few of mine...
Chelle's protein donuts and mini muffins

If nutritional profile wasn't soooo important, my favorite recipe I created was a coconut flour version that was super light and fluffy. I'd need to play with the sweetener aspect of it, though, before I consider it "company ready". Lol. The ones I make for me, for my diet, probably aren't sweet enough for anyone else... though they're plenty sweet for me! When I'm off-diet, I'll toy with adding fruit, too :-) Fun!

Moving on to today... 6:30 am found me in the gym with Tab. We did Chest today. Just. Chest. My chest is dead. At the end of the workout I was flat on the floor. Seriously. One of the trainers asked if I was trying out for the National Chalk Outline Team. Lol! 

Tonight, I've got cardio. My first of 6 cardio sessions for the week. Here's the new plan:

Workout with Tab 5x/week. Every morning, Mon-Fri, 6:30am.
Cardio: 3 steady state sessions (40 minutes each)
Cardio: 3 HIIT sessions (30 minutes HIIT plus 10 minutes steady state)
Food: unchanged.


  1. love love love alll of your recipes. and not I want a donut maker haha

  2. It's a thing of beauty, my friend!!! Now I want the cake-pops one, and the cupcake one... LOL!