Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Today's Food and A Moment of Appreciation

Here's my food today...

Breakfast  -    PancakesOatmeal w/protein powder, ground flax, cinnamon mixed with unsweetened almond milk, with my Berry Syrup.
Snack  -   3 oz grilled chicken, half grapefruit
Lunch   -   4 oz  ground beef in an orange pepper, steamed with 1/2 cup quinoa pudding/porridge
Snack  -   3 oz grilled chicken breast & 2 cups steamed broccoli/cauliflower.    
Dinner  -    (not pictured)  4 oz baked Swai (white fish) with steamed zucchini  
Pre-bed Snack  -    (not pictured)  Protein Ice Cream with peanut butter.

Today's Numbers (click on the pictures above to view all the info & food pics):
1424 calories; 42% protein, 33% carb, 25% fat.     36.3 g fiber. 

Breakfast was super tasty. Before I left home, I mixed up a batch of pancakes and blueberry syrup. It's so easy, and it's portable! The only difference between the pancakes and my regular bowl of oatmeal is that I mix the pancakes with unsweetened vanilla almond milk instead of water. That's it! The recipes for the pancakes and the syrup are on the recipe page

So... moving on... There's so much happening right now that it's hard to find a starting place for sharing. I'll have updates and news for you next week, but in the meantime, wanted to touch on the topic of appreciating where you're at.

That's a hard thing to do, at least for me. I spent years looking back, then the last several years as I've traveled my weight loss road, then maintenance, looking forward to where I'm going, but I've spent very little time appreciating where I'm at. I've celebrated milestones, I've celebrated accomplishments, but not very often have I celebrated moments. Simple moments.

Yes, there should always be a goal, and I should always be striving toward it, but sometimes it's beneficial, even necessary, to pause and just appreciate.

With all that's going on in my life, the changes made, the ones to come, challenges and rewards... I'm taking today as a moment. I'm appreciating. I'm not thinking about where I'm going, or even where I've been. I'm focused solely on the now.

Here's what I appreciate, today, right now...

I appreciate my husband and family. Knowing they're healthy, safe, and nourished. Knowing that they can count on me to be there. Knowing that the first two hats I wear, the two most important, are wife and mom - I value those roles, and I value the ones who have placed me in them. I appreciate that the health - fitness - nutrition choices I've made, and continue to make, impact them in positive ways.

I appreciate my body. I appreciate my shape, because I've earned it. I appreciate my strength, because I've been weak, and I'm not now. I appreciate my stamina because it allows me to live a full life. I appreciate knowing that while I'm not done sculpting, my body today is a direct result of my hard work and commitment to clean eating. It's mine. I made it, and I appreciate it.

I appreciate my food. I appreciate having truly excellent tasting food each and every day. I appreciate my desire to create and tweak recipes to specifically meet my needs, and those of my family. I enjoy my time in the kitchen. I am grateful for the lovely, juicy grapefruit I have been allowed to enjoy this week, permitted by my wonderful, fantastic, amazing coach :-)

I appreciate my coach. I appreciate her expertise, experience, and empathy. I appreciate her dedication to my progress, my success. I appreciate the sacrifices she makes each day to help me reach my goals. I appreciate knowing that she believes in me. I appreciate the me that she has helped me become.

And I really, really, really appreciate the grapefruit.  :-)

What do you appreciate today? Take a moment out of the journey, away from the challenges... what do you appreciate right now about yourself, about your body, about the people in your life? Please share your answer in a comment or email. I'd love to hear from you!


  1. Chelle!

    Great post! One of the things I'm working on with my therapist right now is the concept of mindfulness. It's all about being in the moment, like you're saying. Accepting or embracing the current circumstances and not distracting yourself with the past or future. It sounds so simple, but it's far from it. It's made a huge impact thus far--not that I've mastered it... or, ya know, achieved it really, but it's been so important in my journey.

    I think it's great to stop and appreciate what you've got right now in this moment. Your paragraph on your body was what stuck out the most. Specifically when you said "It's mine. I made it, and I appreciate it." Immediately, I thought wow I wish I had that relationship with my body... and then I thought, uh why don't I? Am I not the one who chooses what goes into my body? Haven't I made it what it is today? Even though my body isn't all muscle and protein powder, I am still the responsible party for its shape and condition, right? Same as any other aspect of my life. Sure there are things that are beyond our control, but it's what we shape them into that makes them ours, right?

    I have like 15 new ideas floating around in my head just from those two small sentences!

    Also, I thought your last paragraph started off with "I appreciate my couch" and I was like omg me too!!! but then I continued reading and realized that's not what you said.

    Love you! :)

  2. :-)
    I love your comments. You always inspire me and make me think. Thank you :-)
    And, oh, I also appreciate my couch. :-)